This morning.

Cormac writes:

The Greens are offering €5 per poster. If I had 50c for every cable tie I’d be going on a nice holiday. There’s 1000s left on poles in my area.

On a 15 minute walk from Clonskeagh [Dublin 14] to Ranelagh [Dublin 6] I picked these (above) up off the ground on just one side of the road

9 thoughts on “Cable News

  1. Liam Deliverance

    “Candidates fined more than €30,000 for breaking election poster rules”

    I wonder how many of the “issued” fines were actually paid though?

    “Candidates found to have broken litter rules on election posters faced fines of €150 per poster The council said GDPR regulations barred them from releasing the names of the candidates who were fined.”

    “The council said it issued 232 fines to candidates who either put their posters up too early or failed to take them down soon enough after polling day.”

  2. Listrade

    They should have been removed following Storm Ciara. I saw one poster blow off post and onto M1, it could have caused a serious accident (irony was that it was an Alan Farrell poster).

    But we knew another storm was on the way, instead of extending the deadline, it should have been brought forward. Given how they can mobilise teams quick enough to put up the posters, they can do they same to take them down.

    Plus, if H&S is so important to the election candidates, they don’t seem too concerned about that when putting up the posters.

  3. millie vanilly strikes again

    Lorraine Clifford’s posters were still up last night in my area. In fairness to the rest of them, she was the only one with posters still up.

    1. Ff

      Ff posters still up on dual carriageway at Swords.

      In fairness………. they can erect them in a day, should have a day to remove them.

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