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The Remedy ClubI Got You

Irish Americana never sounded so good.

Husband-and-wife duo KJ McEvoy and Aileen Mythen aka The Remedy Club deliver a heartfelt hymn to romance on the new single from their second album True Hand True Heart, due on March 27.

Recorded in Nashville with pristine production from Ray Kennedy, the song features guest appearances by Lex Price on bass and Lynn Williams on drums.

Catch them live at The Crown, Wexford, on March 27.

Nick says: Cultured Club.

The Remedy Club

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3 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Now there is a good cure for the Ketchup Song earwig!

    That is really nice! I have enjoyed a number of their songs: great vocals from each of them, beautifully matched. Thanks, Nick.

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