Meanwhile, In Raheny


St Paul’s College pitches at St Anne’s Park in Raheny, Co Dublin; decision by An Board Pleanála to grant permission for apartments to be built 

RTÉ reports:

An Bord Pleanála has granted planning permission to contentious plans for more than 650 homes on playing pitches beside St Anne’s Park in Raheny in north Dublin.

The appeals board has given Pat Crean’s Marlet Group the green light in spite of strong local opposition against the plan.

The appeals board had received over 650 objections against the proposed development.

Under the Government’s ‘fast track’ planning rules, Marlet’s Crekav Trading was seeking a 10 year permission to construct 657 apartments on the St Paul College’s site.


Facebook group I Love St Anne’s writez:

“Planning permission for 657 apartments on the St Paul’s pitches in St Anne’s has been GRANTED.

“We are surprised and disappointed with this decision from An Bord Pleanála, which appears to contradict their own recent ruling on the synthetic pitches and their 2018 refusal for a similar development on the same lands.

“In addition, there are two legal processes on-going in relation to this land, which in our view, make today’s ruling somewhat premature.

“Once we have had a chance to review the Inspector’s Report we will post a full update.”

St Anne’s Park apartments development gets green light (RTÉ)

I Love St Anne’s

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31 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Raheny

  1. mike o brien

    very poor planning decision here. ABP will regret this. This is not sustainable in the slightest.

    1. Rob_G

      How is it not sustainable? Close to the DART line, close to many bus routes, primary and secondary schools at spitting distance, walking distance from a couple of supermarkets…

      1. Chimpy

        If you lived anywhere near the road this development is going to be on, you’d know well it’s not sustainable.

      1. diddy

        no. that’s St Paul’s and has been fenced off from the park since 1997. this is a great day for Dublin 5. a new community, new business, people housed and all within cycling distance if town. more of this please!

  2. Brother Barnabas

    what do we want ?


    when do we want them?


    where do we want them?


    1. Rob_G

      One of the problems that people bring up is the fact that when the Norbertine (I think) Brothers gave the land to DCC, it was supposed to be used for a park in perpetuity.

      But ‘NIMBYism’ is the short answer to your question.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I thought the electorate voted for more affordable housing, close to urban areas and transportation? With environmental impacts assessed, obviously.

  4. Salmon Eile

    People gotta live somewhere. Regardless of the location there will be objections from someone.

    I think Elm Park golf course would be a fine site for social housing.

  5. LuvinLunch

    That park was given to the Irish people by the Guinness family. In the 60s there was some sort of a feal that gave those fields to the Church in enchange for land across the road. No big deal, the fields were still fields.

    In the 00s the church put up the fence after 3 attempts. Now they’re selling the land.

    That land is in the park, not beside it. Church reafin’ us all out of it.

    1. $hifty

      It’s in the park but hasn’t been accessible to members of the public for 50 years. You’re not losing anything.

      1. LuvinLunch

        I used to play in it when i was kid.. the fences went up in the 00s

        Either way, it’s the Church grabbing land from the public

  6. Bob

    There are 2 other developments happening with 500m of this site… and another just finished About 1km away … there have been PLENTY of houses built in my back yard. This decision means that my kids GAA training ground is gone. So.. its more like NIMKFP. NOT IN MY KIDS FOOTBALL PITCH. Ive found that anyone ive spoken to who throws around the word NIMBY is a bitter renter who can’t get on the ladder and is under the illusion that THESE properties will be available to buy.. and that they will be cheap, or will increase the supply enough to help reduce competition and prices.
    However … you will find that like similar developments.. ( Donaghmeade and clontarf coast rd) they will be sold en masse and rented out. The only winners here are the developers and their investment funds.

    Primary and secondary schools in the area are already way oversubscribed.

    1. Rob_G

      “This decision means that my kids GAA training ground is gone.”

      – I find that difficult to believe; I’m pretty sure that all of Clontarf, Scoil Uí Chonaill, Raheny, etc. all have other pitches in St Anne’s

        1. m

          there are loads of pitches but there are loads of clubs and loads of teams,
          st annes is full at the weekend,

          1. Rob_G

            For how long? All the matches would be done and dusted by the early afternoon, surely.

            Besides, the public hasn’t been able to access the pitches in question for at least 20 years (for as far back as I can remember, at any rate); I’m not sure what difference it will make in most people’s enjoyment of the park.

  7. Liam Conlon

    Question where is traffic access going to be for these apartments. And St Anne’s Park is know here near full at weekend with matches going on. It’s the Vincentian father’s cleaning up again selling there land.

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