The Smell Of Victory?




…on various online forums and via social media platforms such as Twitter, rumours abound that the Irish act will either be 4-piece baroque-pop band ELM or US-based singer-songwriter Lesley Roy….

ELM or Lesley Roy heading to Eurovision 2020 for Ireland? (Escxtra Eurovision)

Thanks Frank

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7 thoughts on “The Smell Of Victory?

  1. Fluffybiscuits

    Lesley Roy was apparently leaked by the Irish fan club

    ELM are booked for gigs the day of rehearsels so its not them I reckon but could be wrong

    Lesley Roy is too Avril Lavigne B side for me..

    RTE took a chance and unless we end up with something good…then its going to be a camper hot mess than someone getting a handjob in the laneway up by the George on a summers evening…

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