At Ease, Soldier


Stop that!


Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

Demob happy celebrations following the Commissioning Ceremony of 67 new Irish Army officers, 18 Air Corps Officers and 6 Maltese Officers in the Printworks.




Maltese Officers (from left) Aaron Zammit and Neil Spiteri propose to (from left) Amy Zammit and  Nadesh Barbara at the end of the Commissioning Ceremony. They were among six Maltese recruits who had trained at the Cadet School in the Curragh.



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27 thoughts on “At Ease, Soldier

  1. Salmon Eile

    Is “Dr” Tom “Lexus” Clonan canvassing this group yet for the TCD Panelbeaters seat?

    Oh right – they don’t have votes …

    1. Cian

      Malta is too small to have a decent training system so we train their officers, have done since 2011 or so. We also gave them a ship a few years ago to help in the Med crisis.

          1. Tringo

            thr curragh is hardly sandhurst

            My nephew from Dublin was. Accepted

            And it’s pretty world renowned

            Much like West Point creme del a creme

        1. Cian

          I would guess its a small country / neutral country thing. Not sure if they used to train with another country before.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    I’m sure they will instill fear into any enemy soldiers they may encounter with all of that huggery.

  3. Truth in the News

    No doubt they will protect the any infringements to the States Sovereignty by
    Venture Capital Funds buying up housing stock and US Military stopovers at
    Shannon, you would not get away with it in Switzerland would you, indeed what
    we need here is the Swiss Military model and less of the “Officer Class”

  4. Niallo

    On soldiers “hugging it out” Arent you just a bunch of hired killers ?

    And i quote.

    “Here’s how I feel about gays in the military: Anyone… dumb enough… to want to be in the military… should be allowed in. End of fucking story. That should be the only requirement. I don’t care how many push-ups you can do – put on a helmet, go wait in that fox hole. We’ll tell you when we need you to kill somebody. I’ve been watching all these Congressional hearings and all these military guys and all the pundits going, “The esprit de corps will be affected, and we are such a moral…” Excuse me, but aren’t you all a bunch of fucking hired killers? Shut up! You are thugs, and when we need you to go blow the fuck out of a nation of little brown people, we’ll let you know.”

    B. Hicks.

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