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Tell me why! I do like Fridays.

Calling all Boomtown Rats fans!

A new documentary tracing the rollercoaster history of Bob Geldof’s Dun Laoghaire gang is about to hit cinemas to coincide with the release of their new album Citizens Of Boomtown.

Directed by Billy McGrath, the film features contributions from the likes of Bono, Sinéad O’Connor, Dave Stewart, historian Diarmaid Ferriter and Sting.

Citizens of Boomtown explores the musical and social legacy of Ireland’s first rock superstars.

I’m giving away two tickets to the premiere screening in Dublin’s Cineworld on Parnell Street, Dublin 1 on March 3.

Simply tell me your favourite Boomtown Rats or Bob Geldof song and why.

The winner will be chosen by my scruffy cat.

Lines close at 9.30pm.

Nick says: Good luck!

The Golden Discs voucher comp will return next Friday.

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14 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Tickets

  1. Verbatim

    I would love to win that prize, I’ll be in Dublin on that day…and I love cats, purr
    My favorite song, is “I don’t like Mondays” it came out at a time when I didn’t even think that there was such “a thing” as disliking a day so it felt really subversive at the time…

    1. Seamus hogan

      My favourite song is a solo by Bob, The fantastic this is the world calling…. My dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer It was constantly on the radio here in Ireland, those very poignant lyrics…. Close your eyes and sleep tonight
      Still give me chill”s even after all these year’s thank you Bob for helping me through a tuff tuff time

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Having met Bob and realised what a self pleasurer he is, I think I will pass. Thanks all the same.

  3. Doc

    Like Clockwork
    Me and the mates in the front room , tennis rackets for guitars, Tonic for the Troops blaring on the little record player. Good Times!

  4. Clampers Outside

    Ok Boomer!
    ….Ach-ach-ach-ach as Popeye would chortle.

    Seeing as you asked and it is the very reason I’m passing time here… :)

    It’d have to be ….Mondays.

  5. Rosette of Sirius

    I’ll play with Banana Republic. I could say that like it because It was also written by Pete Briquette. Clearly his nickname was the funniest and coolest from back then. But no. Or I could say I like it for its acerbic portrait of the ireland we grew up in. But no. I like it because of the change in style from the punkey new wave sound of their previous records to the emerging ska and reggae sound from the early 1980s.

  6. scottser

    When the night comes, the last track on the fine art of surfacing. It’s that album’s rat trap – long, complex and multi layered. It’s a song about the prison-like routine of 9-5 living delivered in frenetic and dynamic style. Check out the guitar break, where Spanish and electric guitar play out a cool little dance – it blew my 12year old mind when I heard it first.
    By the way, my first gig was seeing the rats in leixlip. I’ve also owned the fine art of surfacing on every single medium, even mini disc FFS. And today is my birthday. Seriously

    1. Sam

      Couldn’t agree more. ‘When The Night Comes’ is an unappreciated masterpiece and have played it on 45 while DJing a number of times. You rarely hear people talk about when they discuss the band or late 1970s new wave power-pop b-sides.

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