EU May Like This [Updated]



This morning.

Fluffybiscuits writes:

Heavy rumours this (above) is the Irish Eurovision 2020 entry

It’s Tropical House lite..think Years and Years live in the Caribbean…

Nick says: it’s a douzy.


Monday: The Smell Of Victory?


Frank writes:

Pink? I hope it’s not a flamingo, we’ve already sent a turkey…Latest Eurovision fan rumour is that Wicklow-based FLAVIA will sing our 2020 entry!

More as we get it.

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39 thoughts on “EU May Like This [Updated]

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    oh dear, I don’t mean to be nasty but that is as far from Caribbean as possible ( I listened because I have a penchant for all things Caribbean ) no no no no ( ps. does he have a speech impediment )

  2. Pete

    Might as well do our performance over Skype to save costs. I can already tell this won’t get us out of Semi Final 1. Sad as all the other ELM songs I’ve listened to are fantastic. :(

  3. some old queen

    This country is awash with talent- globally we punch way above our weight and yet, year after year the most bland insipid gimmicky nonsense is trotted out- why are we not using it to showcase what we have?

    Here is an example- Bradley Marshall- a young Dublin lad who puts his heart and soul into his singing- the real deal. Here he is with his sister Ellie singing Gaga’s Always remember us this way .

    1. seanydelight

      I think a lot of talent is put of by the gimmicky, once off nature of Eurovision Acts. I cant think of any that launch a career on the back of a win, let alone a performance.

      1. Christopher

        Plenty of European acts have had their launch there (look at Mahmood of Italy last year or Eleni Foureira of Cyprus the year before- all massive sellers around the continent using the ESC as a launchpad) We just send shit and expect to do well.

          1. millie vanilly strikes again

            What? You mean you don’t love Dancing Queen, the official drunken ladies ballad?!

            I’m shocked, Janet. Shocked.

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            Yeah Lushie, let’s go get hammered and sing Chiquitita at the top of our lungs.

      1. some old queen

        A song contest is when Linda and Irene from Chips shook their stuff and rocked under a single bulb in the Downtown club in Dundalk before it closed.

        I was there so please- get your act together.

        1. George

          Strange response. Sending some young lad who sings covers and giving him a song to sing would be setting him up for a nice career singing covers in the Red Cow Hotel. That’s basically what they’ve been doing aside from the Jedward and Dustin years.

          Whether you like the band or not I think they’re taking the correct approach which is to select and act that already writes and performs song; has a bit of a following; and would benefit from the press. They’ll still be writing songs afterwards regardless of the result and whether they win or not hopefully they gain a few fans in Europe and sell a few more tickets when they do a European tour.

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