Behold: the 1981 Toyota G45-S Land Cruiser.

This vehicle, fully restored by Land Cruiser aficionados The FJ Company of Miami, features custom upgrades including a signature bonnet, foglight, winch and 16-inch EvoCorse DAKAR wheels, a completely new interior and a 318bhp supercharged Toyota V6 engine.

Price on application.


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4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Paulus

    Very practical:
    No incident /accident involving adults, children or animals that can’t be solved with a wipe of a tissue.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    You can keep your Jeeps and your Land Rovers, the Land Cruisers are fantastic machines.

    @Paulus: pretty much the same thing for accident’s involving other vehicles. I was once rear-ended in a later model Land Cruiser, while I was stationary at a traffic lights. After a slight rocking of the Cruiser, the result was a broken plastic retainer and the heavy plastic bumper pushed out of alignment (around the bolts, so loosening and realigning was all that was needed). The other vehicle had a completely caved in front end, broken headlight and damaged radiator grill.

    That being said, never go head on into something more solid. Like most vehicles of its nature, it had a full chassis and no crumple zones, so all the inertia of the 2.2 tonne vehicle goes into the soft squishy humans held back by a couple of 2 inch straps on the seatbelt.

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