“I’m Afraid That Censorship Mentality Still Exists In RTÉ”


This afternoon.

Sinn Féin councillor for Artane-Whitehall in Dublin City Council Larry O’Toole (above) tweetz:

“The breakthrough. My successful challenge to State Censorship (Section 31) in the early nineties. Took a case because RTÉ wouldn’t broadcast my interviews during the Gateaux strike. I’m afraid that censorship mentality still exists in RTÉ.”



Any excuse.

Section 31

Larry O’Toole?

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8 thoughts on ““I’m Afraid That Censorship Mentality Still Exists In RTÉ”

      1. newjustin

        It hasn’t gone. Its on ceasefire.

        If they wanted to go they’ed disband and they’ed be gone. They haven’t.

      2. NobleLocks

        The greatest trick the IRA ever pulled, was convincing the world, they didn’t exist. I’m not fooled. Our own garda commissioner isn’t fooled, the journalists who report on them aren’t fooled. Mary Lou and her miserable “up the ra” ilk are pawns of the Illegitimate “army council”.

        You can fool some of the people all of the time but not all of them all of the time.

  1. Truth in the News

    RTE have for years operated a so called public broadcasting service which tries spew
    out an exclusive Dublin 4 inside the Pale view of Ireland, this was compunded by
    the influence of the Grus from the Workers Party, they have spent the last 50 years
    holding the tide back, We have two main ism’s in Ireland Partitionism and Unionism
    their beliefs and policies is to uphold the status quo, in the end its to protect status
    and privilege, however in the last two weeks this concept of thinking has got its

    1. italia'90

      Some would argue that SF have reinforced partition and the status quo by signing up to the GFA?
      I haven’t yet seen much proof that they’re not partitionist tbh

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