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  1. Cú Chulainn

    I’m very disappointed with the Star. I was hoping floods bring physco seagulls inland, but they have gone with the rise of the killer rats. And the lizard people, obviously. Is it too much to expect consistently in madness ?

  2. Shayna

    Pope Francis urged, “Giving up Trolling for Lent” – or words to that effect, in his Ash Wednesday Address – give up useless words, gossipy rumours, tittle tattle et al on social media. It’ll be interesting how that pans out.

    1. bisted

      …hadn’t seen that message from pontifex…it’s my duty as a good atheist to troll extra hard for lent and ramadan…still waiting for your reply about Saint mickey and the young wan…

    1. Lilly

      “If you make the right action for the wrong reason, eg you deleted it because there was a naked man in the image but that naked man was doing something which is also illegal. One of those actions is more important than the other and you have to choose the right one. Otherwise you get it wrong and then you’re in an argument with your auditor.”

      Life is too short to work for these American sweat shops IMO. They should trust their employees to make an intelligent decision and get on with it. Who needs the micro management and the aggro.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    As predicted – The Boris fellow reneges once again. God help old blighty. The Clown Prince of Mistrust will have some job convincing other world leaders that his word is worth anything.

    1. Charger Salmons

      It’s a non-binding political declaration not a signed treaty.
      In much the same way as the current draft of the EU negotiating mandate with the UK wants Blighty to remain aligned with the EU on current environmental, labour and state aid rules.
      But France and others are now seeking to add dynamic alignment whereby the UK follows any EU future additions to these rules.
      The EU don’t appear to have learned anything from Johnson’s election victory and think negotiations will be conducted as they were with the lame Theresa May.
      The EU still seems to treat the UK like an exiting country trying to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal. It has not quite clocked that the UK has already left. It is a third party wanting to do a deal with the EU, not applying to remain in its legal orbit.
      Welcome to trade talks baby.
      And buckle up.

      1. millie vanilly strikes again

        Lol. You’re full of comedic gems this morning. I’m glad you’re back on form, old boy.

          1. bisted

            …love the points dictum for immigrants to UK and the requirement that applicants can speak English…wonder how that would work out for Spain?

          2. Clampers Outside

            In fairness, even Obama said last year that one should learn the language of the course try one looks to reside in.

            Integration works better than (*Failed) multiculturalism, so says, Obama and Merkel, to name two big wigs who used to push the latter, but have changed their tune.

            * Merkel says it has failed.

          3. millie vanilly strikes again

            Ah, that’s where you’re mistaken. Us ladies don’t fart. We squirrel them away for later use.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    If only the coronavirus areas had asked our HSE and got such sound advice about using the phone and distributing leaflets at airports, it wouldn’t have spread. We are so lucky to have Harris and Holohan.

  5. some old queen

    After retweeting anti-trans feminist song lyrics, Harry Miller received a phone call from a police officer telling him to ‘check his thinking’. It then emerged that even though there was no real hate crime evidence produced, a category of ‘crime non crime’ had been entered on his record. If a potential employer ran an enhanced DBS check at this point, it could have prevented him from obtaining employment in certain professions – so he took them to court.

    This interview was recorded with Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster from Triggernometry before the court decision was delivered and he has some very interesting things to say. He won the case.


  6. Lilly

    Caught the tail end of Tubridy talking to Alex Borstein just now.
    Tubs: ‘I’ve enjoyed talking to you.’
    Borstein: ‘I’ve enjoyed being talked at.’

        1. Shayna

          Ah, you’re there! “I’m still waiting for your reply to …St. Mickey and yer wan”? If only I knew to what you were referring, then I’d reply. (Also, I kinda dig that “Pontefix” is in your vocabulary – I used to buy my baby sister ‘Asterix The Gaul’ books for her birthdays/Xmas – of course read them all before gift wrapping – now her kids read them – thanks for reminding me. This “Je vous remercie” is not necessarily inspired by The Ash Wednesday Agreement from Il Papa, BTW).

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