Meanwhile, In Strabane


This morning.

Melmount Chapel, Strabane, West Tyrone.

More as we get it.


Thanks Vanessa


Tree surgeons?

We may never know.

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14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Strabane

  1. GiggidyGoo

    The video looks to be that of a smartphone recording off a screen. Anyone find it odd that someone would do that at that particular moment?

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      I checked the online player for this church to demonstrate that it has a playback feature, and to make you wrong. But it can show only live pictures, so you are right (and likely this is the only time I will ever agree with you).
      It is strange they should be filming, yes. The phone user should be easily enough discovered.

    2. Rob_G

      I imagine that someone who was acquainted with the situation figured that there could be an incident like this, and filmed the feed on spec.

    1. Kevin

      What a bloody stupid thing to say – I’m from that town originally and have NEVER heard of anything of the like before. Educate yourself before making stupid comments

      1. The Old Boy

        In an Irish context a chapel would always be consecrated and takes a few different forms. The most common form was once a “chapel-of-ease” secondary to the main church of the parish, ie the Parish Church, built when extra capacity for worshipers was needed. Other forms can exist outside of the usual parish structure, such as school or college chapels, or the chapels associated with monasteries and other religious institutions.

        Many chapels subsequently gained parish church status in their own right during the twentieth century. Many, if not most chapels have a regular pattern of worship and would be indistinguishable from churches in that regard. A place of individual worship without regular formal services would more usually be called an oratory.

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