How Are Things In Clonlara?



This afternoon.

Clonlara, County Clare.

Alan from Carlow Weather tweetz::

I’ve never seen so much water in inland Ireland before….


6 thoughts on “How Are Things In Clonlara?

  1. Toe Up

    Should that be Clonlara? I can’t see anywhere called Clonara on Google Maps (I can’t vouch for Apple maps)

  2. Truth in the News

    What else can you expect when you put a large dam almost 100 foot high just
    before the Shannon makes to the sea, them incrementally dam up the river
    in stages up to Lough Allen and them make no provision for Winter floods
    in reducing storage capacity, when the Ardnacrusha Hydro scheme was
    designed it was 6 turbine’s with a capacity of 600 Cm/s, only four were installed
    yet the water storage is based on the 600 Cm/s discharge figure, also worth
    nothing that it took almost two and half years to fill the entire system to full
    capacity in 1932 and after this the fourth Kaplan Turbine was installed

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