My Fair Nightclub


Pygmalion on South William St, Dublin 2 have chosen Peter McVerry Trust as their charity partner for 2020, with customers encouraged to donate upon entry to Pyg’s club nights each weekend. Entry for all Pygmalion events will be free of charge for the entire year.

“We want to help people on the margins of society here in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Peter McVerry trust is committed to working in close cooperation and partnership with statutory agencies and other organisations in the field of homelessness

Entry is completely free for all our events in 2020 including those with international guests, donations are completely at the discretion of our clientele, please remember that a little can go a long way.”

Pygmalion booker Colin Perkins

Pygmalion (Facebook)

Dublin nightclub drops entry fee and asks for charity donation instead (Una Mulally, Irish Times)

Thanks Colin

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15 thoughts on “My Fair Nightclub

  1. Cian

    Is it normal now to pay into a nightclub in Dublin? and they are waiving that fee and encouraging people to donate instead?

    Or are nightclubs usually free and this is just a nice way of encouraging people to donate?

    1. Toe Up

      Have you never gone to a nightclub before? Even Coppers charges an entry fee!

      Fair play to them I say, that’s a fantastic gesture.

      1. Matt Pilates

        They used not to charge in though – I remember the good old Lesson Street days with Tom McGurk and Eamon Dunphy…

        1. italia'90

          I remember the good old Leeson Street days with my best mate and we pulled Joanna Lumley and her agent, but your story sounds more interesting, so you go first –

    2. Zaccone

      Nightclubs have charged in for at least 20 years in Dublin. The usual door cover is about 10e on a weekend night these days.

      How have you never been to a nightclub? Did you completely miss out on your teenage and 20s years?

      1. Cian

        Ah that explains it – I haven’t been in a night club (in Dublin) the 21st century! :)

        In my day nite clubs were free (the pints were about £2 extra).

        I do vaguely remember that food (usually a ‘curry’) was served on paper plates – there was some fiddle with the licencing laws that if they served food they could stay open later.

        Young whippersnappers!

      2. Rob_G

        C’mon Cian, we already seem out of touch enough as it is, you’re letting the rest of the fraperoom down.

  2. AssPants

    Brilliant……….free entry for the whole year………..although sounds a bit like “free education”….. except you must make this “Voluntary Donation” which if you don’t you will have to wear this big red target sign on your back to make sure everybody knows you have not donated and then the masses can again drive you down into the ground; simply because you may not be interested in supporting somebody elses chosen charity.

      1. AssPants

        Damn right Rob…….. I don’t need others to tell me where and how much I should donate.

        And don’t doorstep your regulars with a guilt-laden “donation”………

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