A cycle route along the River Liffey will be trialed in August

This afternoon.

Ciarán Ferrie, Of I BIKE Dublin, writes:

I BIKE Dublin welcomes the proposal by Dublin City Council to put in place a trial of the Liffey Cycle Route by August of this year.

This response to a petition raised late last year by Cian Ginty of IrishCycle.com is a strong statement of intent by the council that they are listening to the concerns of people who cycle in the city.

The proposed trial cycle route, while far from ideal, will improve the safety of people already cycling on the quays and will hopefully encourage more people to cycle.

It will also improve the experience of people walking on the quays with additional pedestrian crossings put in place which will become permanent fixtures.

Louise Williams, Vice Chair of Dublin Cycling Campaign, says:

“The Liffey Quays is currently a hazardous environment for people on bikes, and this results in fewer people choosing to cycle there.

We want to see a city where people of all ages and abilities are enabled to cycle, and this trial of the Liffey Cycle Route is a big step in that direction.”

I BIKE Dublin

Dublin Cycling Campaign

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Dublin City Council’s Liffey Cycle Route.

Read about the plans in full here

Dublin’s long-awaited Liffey cycle route to be in place by August (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)

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9 thoughts on “Safe Passage

  1. Jake38

    So far DCC have spent millions of taxpayers money on this and produced precisely ZERO. I suggest no one holds their breath.

  2. Kingfisher

    Brilliant! A great first step towards an actual safe and separated and protected cycle route along the Liffey.

  3. White Dove

    Very dangerous along the Liffey at the moment, a great idea, the Liffey Quays are one of the beauties of Dublin.

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