5 thoughts on “Toon Theme Tune Time

  1. Chimpy

    Why does he look into the camera like that? Its like hes trying to assert dominance with his playing of children’s show tunes. So weird.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I must admit I find the ‘look’ a bit disconcerting too, but I usually pay more attention to the piano, such as in this piece. Watching the movement of the hammers is mesmerising!

      I found three things very interesting in this: 1 – the amount of cartoons I have never heard of before (in particular the mangas); 2 – the amount of themes for cartoons I have heard of before, but did not recognise (for example Spongebob, which I have never watched); and 3 – the reflection of the theme of the cartoon in the tone of the music, with light ditties for general entertainment (e.g. Bugs Bunny) and more sombre mood for those dealing with action (e.g. the X-Men theme, where the cartoon deals with threats and resolutions

      Thanks for posting this – the guy is really talented.

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