Cheap And Expensive Pianos


Charmingly deadpan Brazilian pianist Lord Vinheteiro plays a series of increasingly expensive joannas, inviting you – the listener – to judge whether you can tell the difference in sound quality.

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7 thoughts on “Cheap And Expensive Pianos

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Beautiful! I truly wish that I could play. I note that he did not have the fast hand work on the first, really cheap piano, but that last one was like dripping honey. Truly a lovely tone.

    Oh to win the Euromillions!

  2. Lilly

    Once he got to the Steinways, I couldn’t tell the difference. It would certainly put me off buying a cheap piano.

    1. Liam

      the first one was totally out of tune which doesn’t help (though I have heard that really cheap joannas are nigh on impossible to tune properly so maybe that was the point).

  3. Pip

    Don’t forget it also depends on what we’re listening to this on.
    Low end equipment won’t do justice to high end instruments.
    Someone told me that one of the reasons for live sound seeming a bit off is that it’s optimised for all those fans recording the gig on their phones.

    1. edalicious

      That is absolutely not true. If anything, they’d want to prevent people from recording gigs on their phones.

      1. Pip

        Funny, it was told to me by a hugely experienced sound engineer.
        And going viral is a rich vein of publicity/marketing.
        Not for every genre/audience/age group, of course.

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