Shows Potential


“You always say ‘Ah Here’…”

From the student council at Coláiste Bríde, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

Ms O’Reilly tweetz:

Thank you to the most amazing students for this gorgeous note today, very blessed to teach such phenomenal ladies…

In fairness.

Thanks Breeda

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11 thoughts on “Shows Potential

    1. Tony

      ‘Such phenomenal ladies’



      Girls. This is not the 1950s.

      Ladies. Jebus wept.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    There was this nun I had in First Year which, unlike the rest, was actually a nice woman and the pupils were fond of her. It so happened that she always wanted to meet the pope – don’t they all? Not my idea but the bunch of insufferable licks in the class decided to collectively write to Jimmy Savile’s ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ to get her to Il Papa’s place. No answer – I don’t think Irish letters would get an answer anyhow – but what an absolute trip that might have been – an innocent Irish nun getting a sleazy squeeze from Savile in exchange for a trip to Rome.

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