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To wit:

…a wonderful ten-point compendium of advice for students and teachers, misattributed to John Cage but in factuality created by artist and educator Sister Corita Kent for a class she taught at Immaculate Heart College in 1967-1968, originally titled Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules

tumblr_nue88nyNrs1qz6f9yo1_500Alternative font version by Lisa Congdan.


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Deputy Principal of Fossa National School Linda O’Donoghue, who taught Michael in 4th class, said: “Michael was a lovely, charming young boy. He was very bright, had interest in the arts and history and loved singing.

He’d a very roguish smile always. Many’s the time if he got into trouble, his roguish smile would get him out of it.”

What would your 4th class teacher say about you? Fassbender was ‘charming’ (Breaking News)

Pic: Fassbender Blog

South African nursery school teacher Melanie Minnie, stopped by police in Pretoria last Thursday with 19 small children packed into her Renault Clio: three in the front, ten in the back, six in the boot.

Police were alerted by concerned citizen who saw Minnie unload 12 children from her car in a play area before returning to the school to pick up 19 more.

Fined 1500 Rand (€132), the teacher has promised never to do it again.

Tra la la…