And The Band Played On


Hoax machine?

RTÉ to you, sonny.

Kevin Doyle

Earlier: I’m In A Glass Case Of Emotion


UPDATE: It’s ‘true

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16 thoughts on “And The Band Played On

    1. Bodger

      I am sorry that’s happening for you, les rock, how do you read Broadsheet – app or desktop?

      1. Slightly Bemused

        If it is any help, for many applications, embedded tweets require you to accept their terms of service before they will play. I find on the app, and on mobile and iPad (even through browser) the window is too small to see this request, so it appears as just a blank white screen, with the notice out of shot, but no way to scroll to it. Might this be the problem?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      This actually worries me more than if it was. Not the message, but the whole idea that one hand of the HSE does not know what the other is doing. It leads to future hoaxes being more likely to be believed, regardless of HSE protestations.
      What now to believe?

      1. 01101101 01100011

        exactly the outcome I’d expect

        another fine mess courtesy of the farce that is logic and practices from the 1980’s

        I hope socmed continues to make eejits out of those who think secrecy is in any way useful or practical in scenarios like this

        ze authorities need to get a grip of the fact that information is disseminated in a very different way today (whether they like it or not)

        maybe instead of the fancy communications seminars go talk to a few teenagers and get educated LOL

          1. 01101101 01100011

            Hi kellma
            just asked my mam for the story with these iodine tabs so many people refer to :):):)
            that’s unreal….tho familiar shades being drawn here methinks :)

          2. Cian

            I overheard Joe Duffy yesterday – two callers on.
            #1 was saying that the HSE/Government wasn’t doing enough and the whole country should go into lockdown.
            #2 was saying that the HSE/Government was over-reacting and we shouldn’t close that school, or cancel any events.

            (similar to Broadsheet with people at the both extremes) .

            So – what should the government do? We live in a democracy – they should listen to the people: but which people #1 or #2 above? Or should they listen to the experts – but which experts?

            Iodine tablets was the same thing – there was vocal group in 2002 giving out about the possibility of a “Chernobyl-style” meltdown in Sellafield and demanded a response from the government, So they got one. :)

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