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What’s wrong with them?

Have they stopped listening to Tubs?

We may never know.

This afternoon.

Non-cowardly but reckless and infuriatingly panic-free ‘young people’ in Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 and Dublin city centre.

Earlier, at the Oireachtas Special Covid-19 Committee meeting,..

…Professor Kirtsin Schaffer of the Irish Society For Clinical Microbiology, warned…

…that society is starting to verge into two directions and we have to try to bring society together again.

She said for young people the virus is an abstract term and they feel deprived of their social interactions.

We must change our approach and become more open and transparent because, she said, the younger generations have had enough.

On the other hand the elderly and the vulnerable are terrified, she said.

Don’t know they’re born.

Warning that Ireland at start of second wave (RTÉ)


From top: Dr Johan Giesecke; Michael McNamara TD

This morning/afternoon.

Oireachtas Special Covid-19 Response Committee meeting.

Further to testimony from Dr Johan Giesecke, former chief epidemiologist in Sweden…

….Dr Giesecke was asked what a “soft lockdown” would entail compared to a hard lockdown.

He said:

“There’s no law telling people to stay at home and the police will not pick you up on the street when you shouldn’t be on the street. It is telling people what they should do with distancing, with handwashing, with staying home and so on, self-isolation if you feel sick.

“And you can actually estimate that the number of, in March, mid-March, when the Government introduced these measures, you could calculate that the number of potentially infectious contacts between people in Sweden dropped by 70%, just voluntary, no law.

People did what they were asked to do and they have continued, one thing that’s good with the Swedish strategy is that we haven’t changed anything for the six months whereas other countries are going in and out of lockdowns and restrictions, and which countries you can fly to and which countries you can not fly to.”

Asked how would Covid-19 be allowed to circulate among under-60s yet prevent its transmission to people over-60 and in care homes, Dr Giesecke said:

“Like Professor [Kirsten] Schafer [President of the Irish Society of Clinical Microbiology] said, there is no 100 per cent way to do that but there is a lot you can do to minimise the risk of introduction of the virus in care homes. Over.”


….Chair of the committee and Independent TD Michael McNamara asked Dr Giesecke if he agreed with the assertion that immunity levels in Sweden are currently no greater than other European states – despite Sweden allowing the virus to circulate more than those states.

Dr Giesecke replied:

“No, I think immunity levels are higher in countries where you had circulation.”

Asked about the efficacy of mask-wearing in all public settings, Dr Giesecke said that he agreed with Dr Tomás Ryan of the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin that social distancing is more important than masks (Dr Ryan also said Ireland should have greater levels of mask wearing, and that mask wearing in all indoor environments should be promoted).

Dr Giesecke then had this exchange with Mr McNamara.

Michael McNamara: “Are masks compulsory in Sweden?”

Dr Giesecke: “No.”

McNamara: “Are they worn generally in schools?”

Dr Giesecke: “No.”

McNamara: “But do you think it would be beneficial if they were worn more?”

Dr Giesecke: “I think the scientific evidence to support mask wearing are very thin.”

Finally, each speaker was offered the chance to give their final thoughts to the committee about responding to Covid-19. Dr Giesecke said:

“Two things. Watch out for undemocratic decisions that are using emergency legislation in the case where it may not be needed. That’s number one. Number two is this will be with us for a long time. We will have to learn to live with this virus. Unless a very good vaccine comes out before Easter which I doubt. Thanks for inviting me.”

Earlier: Herdy Gurdy


Toner’s Yard at Toner’s Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

Orla asks:

What other pubs with decent beer gardens are there in Dublin [that are currently open]?



From top: Today’s Irish Daily Mail; Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

This morning.

Further pressure heaped on Fianna Fáil Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly’s media performances and general handling of the rona from within his own party.

Somewhere in that building (above) are two women, possibly purple clad, having the absolute giggles.


Dr Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s former chief epidemiologist, addressing the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 Response this morning.

This morning.

As Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn warns  that Covid-19 is spreading ‘disproportionately‘ among younger people…

…a Swedish expert will tell the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 Response that controlled spread of the coronavirus should be allowed among people aged under 60.

Via RTÈ:

In his opening statement, Dr Johan Giesecke, former chief epidemiologist in Sweden, will say Ireland should concentrate on the old and frail with frequent testing of staff and residents in care homes. He will tell politicians that we should wait at least a year to start comparing countries’ Covid-19 strategies.


Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, [Covid Committee Chairman] Mr [Michael] McNamara said that two counties – Offaly and Kildare – may face further restrictions after already having an additional three weeks of restrictions, which begs the question as to the success of the original measures taken.

Lockdowns are not inevitable, he said, adding that we need to consider is it possible to shield the vulnerable from the virus while allowing society to move and to operate more normally.

Controlled spread of Covid-19 an option, Swedish expert to tell committee (RTÉ)

This afternoon.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (above) raised the prospect of the Army patrolling streets in England to enforce coronavirus rules.

Via BBC:

The Prime Minister said that the police will now have the ‘option to draw on military support where required‘ as he announced fines for breaking the rule of six will be doubled to £200.

Mr Johnson said the UK is at a ‘perilous turning point’ in the fight against the virus as he imposed a 10pm curfew on all restaurants, bars and pubs across the country from Thursday with the hospitality sector also being restricted to table service only.

A requirement to wear face coverings will be extended to include retail workers and customers in indoor hospitality settings, except for when they are seated at a table to eat or drink.

Coronavirus: ‘We’ve reached a perilous turning point’, says Boris Johnson (BBC)



Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly will not attend tomorrow’s Oireachtas Special Covid-19 Committee