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  1. V

    I’ve a bad feeling about all this

    Public Health management is all over the shop
    While Harris and Holohan pretend they know more than everyone else

    And no Government to take responsibility when it’s shutdown the schools, retail, and non emergency public transport

    Are Meehall and Leo just taking the p1ßß this week
    And a lap of honour next week
    Telling us that they’re going to put the Country first
    and come together – put their differences aside to help us fight the Covid 19

    This gap in Governance is very suspicious
    It doesn’t make sense
    And with a very real public health crisis that can bring the country to a standstill
    And two former Ministers for Heath pretending they’ve more important things going on – like asking questions about Shinners lifestyles and SFs financial management

    It makes it even more iffy

    1. dav

      well now we’ll understand where 30years of ffg running down the health service will lead to

    2. some old queen

      They have had from last December to get their act together. How hard was it to get the flight lists from northern Italy for the past month and test them? Why has flights from there not been cancelled now?

      And there is no point saying ‘oh sure it’s here already’ because containment allows for the management of resources so that hospitals do not become overwhelmed.

      Testing at airports from badly infected regions needs to be brought in immediately. Advise people not to travel to such places and large events like Cheltenham. Cancel all large public gatherings and postpone St Patricks Day events.

      Apply some common sense.

      1. Cian

        Do yiz remember the storm warning last year? And the government closed all the schools across the country and told people to stay home – because there was a real storm actually about to hit Ireland. And in spite of that 3 people were killed by falling trees. And in spite of that there were people on here giving out about the government response – how dare they close schools or force businesses to close? Nanny State. Blah blah.

        Imagine that times a hundred if they had done all those “common sense” things?

        1. some old queen

          This is entirely different to a three day storm- it is a global health epidemic of which Ireland is relatively late to be affected- therefore, all the more reason to be proactive.

          Right now, ramping up testing and erring on caution when it comes to self isolation is absolutely crucial.

    3. Cú Chulainn

      Agree.. and what was that trip by green and grey streak all about. I know we had our jokes but.. seriously, what just happened..?

    4. Janet, I ate my avatar

      there’s a great meme with a fine figure of a man saying ” wash your hands like you’re washing Jason Mamoa”
      I have the hands washed off

      1. V

        C’mere Janie

        I picked up that teatree oil yesterday

        Do I blend it with something and use it as a spray

        Or just used it straight

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I think that was SOQ’s tip,
          I have the kind of skin that can handle a shower in washing up liquid ( hey I don’t always get to the shops )

          1. some old queen

            Really? I have read that Vodka was being used where they have ran out of hand sanitising lotions.

            You would need to let your colleges know what you are using mind, otherwise they might assume you have a bit of a problem..

          2. 01101101 01100011

            heehee shure they know that already ;)

            did you not notice yet how the Tchaikovsky or whatever they call it in Lidl is already cleared out? or the methylated spirits up in Woodies?

        2. some old queen

          Depends on what you want to use it for- its not recommended to use it on skin without a carrier.

          As a spray I would add it to water, doesn’t take much, half a dozen drops to say a cup full but again- what are you going to spray?

          I would warn that I have read nothing about it killing this particular virus mind, only alcohol based products.

    5. Itchysays

      I would urge anyone to listen back to the first 9 minutes of Tubridys radio show this morning, he used the phrase “its under control” 3 times to belittle and dismiss any genuine concern regards Covid19 in what he termed needless panic.
      To quote, he actually said ” I realise there are people in hospital at present that won’t see the funny side but…..” !??
      I know he’s an absolute manpart as an individual and presenter, but urging his listeners to bury their heads in the sand along with him is a new level of ignorance and arrogance even for him…and RTE.

      1. Lilly

        I heard it. It’s ironic because just a few seconds beforehand, he said people shouting at the radio was a good sign. I found myself telling him to eff off and promptly switched him off. The bit about the HSE goons doing a great job nightly on the 9 o’clock news was particularly galling. He really should bone up on the meaning of public service broadcasting. He’s a sleveen and a hack.

  2. Matt Pilates

    “Kelly’s Whopper Knocker Shocker”.

    What year do they think this is? Benny Hill’s 1975…?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      I know.. unreal.. and they were so distracted by the fake mammaries they missed ‘killer’ in the life found on Mars banner…

    1. Tarfton Clax

      I do like a bit of Blackened Shoe Gaze Ambient Metal. I regret not seeing them in Whelans on a random Wednesday a few years ago. I made up for it by seeing Wolves in the Throne Room and Wolvserpent there one evening in 2014.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, how many isolation beds do we actually have in the country? Is it true that there’s only one in Wexford General. This fluffy talk of ‘we are prepared’ etc. needs to be a lot more exact.

  4. italia'90

    Dear The Independent or i or whatever you’re calling yourselves,
    Cherokee Iiz is not the last woman in the Democrat’s race

    I suppose facts aren’t important to journalists anymore

    TuIsi Gabbard has qualified for the next debate
    Now watch as the rules are changed again, so she is disqualified

  5. 01101101 01100011

    btw good few Italian lads in our place (the pub I work in) last night

    all the jokey chat was about Corona

    it’s hard for me to understand how flights into Dublin Airport from Milan continue completely unhindered

    like are they trying for herd immunity or something?!?


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