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The Royal Berkshire NHS Trust has released the above statement saying an older patients with underlying health conditions who tested positive for coronavirus has died.

Coronavirus: health authorities confirm first UK death – latest updates (The Guardian)

Via Beth Rigby



Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan

Seven new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Ireland, including one patient who had not travelled to an infected area.

The total number of cases across the country now stands at 13.

Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan said the country remains in the containment phase, but warned it was a “rapidly evolving situation”.

Seven new coronavirus cases confirmed in Republic of Ireland (RTÉ)


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6 thoughts on “In The UK

  1. 01101101 01100011

    RIP that unlucky person

    would be interesting to know if it was the S or L strain? or both?

  2. scottser

    I find your ‘angry for no reason’ perspective most refreshing. It’s just what the internet is lacking these days.

  3. Athe bottler

    A human being has died, possibly leaving kin sad and distressed. You should shut the luck up!

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Some sense being made on Prime Time tonight.
      The 15 minute rubbish of having to be in the company of an infected person thoroughly discounted (as we knew, but was being pushed by Holohan, Harris and company ). Worth looking back on the player.

  4. Dr.Fart

    being in containment phase would mean there’s containment measures taken. which there is not. there’s a desk at the airport with two plebs in hi-viz jackets handing out flyers.

    Most cases have come from Northern italy, yet there’s no travel restrictions between the two. 1500 Italians are coming to Dublin this weekend. We have done NOTHING, to contain this. The usual FG work practise of “do nothing and lie about it later” obviously doesn’t work.

    Once again, people will die because of how FG operate.

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