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  1. some old queen

    Government believes cancelling parades could fuel panic- absolute spin.

    Do they think we cannot see what is happening elsewhere? The panic will come from government doing SFA because near all infections returned from Italy which was largely preventable by proactive screening.

    And now, in addition to bringing large numbers of people together, Patrick’s day will also attract thousands from elsewhere. The sooner events, especially Dublin, are cancelled the better because more people will be able to get a refund on flights and hotels, therefore not travel.

    And that’s the real point now isn’t it?- profit before public health.

    1. AnBhanaltra

      It’s genuinely shocking that this is being allowed go ahead. People should be very afraid of what’s going to happen due to the government’s negligence so far.

    2. V

      In fairness now
      It’s not the outdoor parades, or matches that puts people most at risk

      It’s the crowded pubs and other indoor venues like concert halls, schools, hospital waiting rooms, even airplanes/ airport lounges, that are the infection hot zones

      And interestingly
      I just heard from a client there that Banks in the Manchester area aren’t extending Credit or progressing loans
      And have started to pull lads with stocking loans and working capital ODs in

      I think it probably has to do with cash flow with jobs etc being subjected to delays
      Anyway there’s loads going on
      But info is still far too sketchy

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      Foot and mouth cancelled everything because farmers get compensated for animal deaths from certain diseases. If your elderly relative or asthmatic child dies of Covid 19, that just one of those things. This is all about profit before people which has been the FFG modus operandi for years. Dead people cost less than dead animals.

      1. V

        That’s a pretty brutal way of putting it Daisy

        but yeah
        in the main its about money

        but our incompetent and inept and acting Government
        and our reliance on the HSE which is known more for inability, unaccountably, and cover ups
        makes this an even bigger crisis

        at least the Dept of Ag have some cop on, and we knew we could trust them during the Foot & Mouth outbreak, so when they said wipe your feet, we bloody did

        There isn’t one set up around the Covid19 Cabinet Subcommittee table there today I trust
        I wouldn’t leave them in charge of a car park ffs

  2. AnBhanaltra

    “France has banned gatherings of 1,000, as two more MPs are infected, bringing the number of French lawmakers infected with the virus to four, AFP reports.”

    “As the number of cases in Germany pushed beyond 900, Health Minister Jens Spahn said gatherings of more than 1,000 people should be scrapped.
    Acknowledging the financial hit to organisers of such events in Europe’s biggest economy, Spahn said the government would help cushion the blow.
    Germany has over the last week scrapped several huge fairs, including Berlin’s travel fest ITB, industrial show Hannover Messe and the Leipzig book fair.”

  3. Shayna

    Great pic of the Spaniel from Crufts in The Times, it’s like looking in a mirror on one of my better days.

      1. Charlie

        Is it akin to scaremongering and playing with scrote paranoia? Did you stock up on toilet paper yet?
        In other less sensational news(that you’ll never find on a red top), both China and South Korea announce that new cases are declining.

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