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  1. V

    Ah here
    You’d swear all those new nurses were starting on Monday

    Try September
    At the earliest
    Assuming they get accomodation sorted
    Childcare, schools

    f’ning eejits think we’re bigger eejits

    Unfreeze the embargo on that Strategic Communications Unit there for Leo and the boys
    Before we start feeling sorry for the __ckers

    1. deluded

      … I’ve lifted this from somewhere else…

      WHO: it’s important to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
      Public: we got all these face masks.
      WHO: eh no, they’re not effective unless you are a health care worker dealing wi…
      Public: no more chinese food for us!
      WHO: what? no, clean your hands, no touching your face…
      Public: rubbing eyes and nose vigorously- and we’re not drinking Corona beer either!
      WHO: ????

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Will every territory have to follow a Wuhan/Lombardy strategy, to get on top of the virus?

    1. V

      They need the numbers
      SF + FF + GRN
      37 + 37 + 12 = 86

      Is the only way, and it’s the most representative, and in fairness, the most secure Government we could hope for

      If the eFFers want to pull a fast one
      FF + FG + L + Lowry, Naughten, Grealish, and mebbe Verona
      Brings them to 81 / 82 – and nothing but grief, and a long slow death

      Nothing arrogant about low key eFFers and Shinners asking for a bitta cop on

      I tell ya what is arrogant
      Is all the lads on the left, RBB & Co, insisting that they be allowed form a Government between themselves and Sinn Fein

      1. Shayna

        I make no apologies for being a Sinn Féin type. On local levels they get stuff done. Cllr Brendan Doris (Michelle O’Neill’s dad) got the local council to install street lighting and a pavement in a rural area of Tyrone. It’s not exciting politics, but SF did it – it’s saved lives (people were killed walking down the road, unlit).
        The, “arrogance” of FF refers to, somehow they’re in charge?

        1. V

          But shur’ I’m a Sinn Fein type meself
          And it’s all about getting results and outcomes at local Constituency level
          For all Candidates and elected Reps
          Always was

          So I suppose all those newly elected SF TDs – especially those rejected only last May in the Locals, better ensure they’re something to remember next time out.

      2. Cian

        It’s not the only way:
        FG + FF + GRN
        35 + 37 + 12 = 84

        Politically these three are closer than SF-FF-Green

        We have had a stable FG-ind-FF for that last 4 years…

        1. V

          It might have been stable Cian

          But one disaster after another
          None of which
          From RB to NCH to the Homeless and Accommodation Crisis can ye deny
          And dozens more
          Where ineptitude and self-interest wasn’t present

          FFFGGRN for the next five years will be stable
          But also yere obituary
          And FFs and the Greens

          But hey
          As long as it gets ye another term of Ministers
          Who else but those same Blueshirts and their connected others gives a flying duck

          1. Cian

            Do you honestly believe that a SF-FF-green government would somehow be less inept? Their TDs are just better? And they will manage to solve all of Ireland’s ills (And keep the economy tiping on)?

          2. Yep

            @ Rob

            Sure why don’t you print out some copies of the table and hang them up in the hostels/hotels and every A&E across the country so the people struggling know how good they have it.

          3. Rob_G

            When presented with facts against her facile and stupid argument, V goes for the most childish, lowest-common denominator response possible
            * S L O W H A N D C L A P

            @yep – not everything is perfect, sure. But the fact that there are 186 countries worse off than Ireland gives lie to the silly statement that a new government “can’t do any worse”.

            In many other countries, being homeless means living in an actual gutter; in Ireland, it normally means living in a hotel or a B&B – far from ideal, but a bit of perspective is useful.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Any truth in the rumour that Dermot Desmond is joining SF? He was extolling the virtues of SFs housing policies in the Times https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/dermot-desmond-everyone-has-a-right-to-a-home-here-is-how-it-can-be-done-1.4195439?mode=sample&auth-failed=1&pw-origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.irishtimes.com%2Fopinion%2Fdermot-desmond-everyone-has-a-right-to-a-home-here-is-how-it-can-be-done-1.4195439
          Mywiam though is having him on today to retract what he’s written.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        FG in Feb 50 seats, FG in March 35 seats. 30% loss of seats. Now that’s tumbleweed.
        And SF’s meetings around the country full houses+, while FG and FF have the fear of facing the electorate and have no such contact.
        Lad Leo showing his true capabilities now. Which show why he failed as a doctor, as a minister in a number of offices, and a Taoiseach. A coward. Unwilling to take advice from the professionals ( and Holohan isn’t one of them)
        FG are making sure this country is hit badly with this virus.

        1. V

          In fairness, I don’t think
          FG are making sure this country is hit badly with this virus
          Is entirely accurate

          I reckon their incompetence, and failures in Government, and all around the Cabinet table,
          Let’s see
          from Naughten’s handling of the RB Tender, Harris’s Cervical Check to NCH, Frances Fitzes M McCabe stitch up, Regina’s PSC Argy bargy with The Data Commissioner

          Then all along the party benches and beyond – Murphys Eoghan, Dara, and Verona being just one surname in common

          Meanwhile Leo was tweeting about his socks
          And Enda before him was too busy trying to hide Michael Noonan from everyone. Grace Case, Vulture Funds + ++

          COVID 19 is only a minor player in the Country being brought to a standstill in the next week

          The chaos is entirely manmade
          By FG ineptitude, arrogance and self entitlement

          Oh for the want of a Strategic Communications Unit to make it all pretty

          It just shows how Ireland has grown up and matured when jobs or Tiocfidh Brits Out talk can’t be used to plamauss the people anymore

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That is very educational. Does show why a lot of chinese people in those areas wear masks at the best of times.

        1. scottser

          I believe in Germany it’s down to a mainly pork diet, in addition to cheap, quality beer and that mayonnaise they put on their chips.
          The Russians are just liars.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “Until 3 April, people will be barred from entering or leaving vast areas of northern Italy without a serious and urgent reason to do so, according to a decree signed off by the prime minister overnight and published online.”

    And the opposite, basically, here. Cowardly ‘leadership’. The ‘fifth count’ taoiseach.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        (see other comment below)
        Additionally, it took Italy quite a while to learn, yet our Doctor Varadkar hasn’t learnt from Italy’s mistakes and finds no issue with large gatherings, curtailment of travel, non-testing of arrivals from Italy.
        When it finally comes down to actual leadership, not confidence and supply, the proof of the pudding is laid bare. Varadkar is all of a coward and a clown.

      2. MountainTalk

        Your delusional to think otherwise. We had the jump on (wuhan) Italy. But zero PRO-ACTIVE response. Understand HSE-MEDICAL is treatment. Social policy is prevention. No flight restrictions. No screenings. No quarantines. No protective wear issued, frontline workers (tranport etc). Hotspot info suppressed. Biggest public festival of the year still on ??? Here’s something interesting. 1918 San Francisco was the only place on Earth to minimise the Spanish Flu. Why! Proactive prevention. Rather than what we have : reaction. I mean can you explain a doctor. Flying back. Not Screened. Working all night in a hospital.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That, of course, wouldn’t be the most important point that MountainTalk was making now would it?

          2. Cian

            It was their main point. So if San Fran didn’t avoid the flu then their point in kinda moot.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    The Italian government has now realized the significance of this and has taken decisive action. What similar decisive action have the boys Harris and Varadkar taken? Roll put the sneak Holohan? Sorry the ‘cover up the cervical cancer disaster Holohan’.
    No wonder Varadkar managed to lose 30% of the seats, building on Kenny’s loss of 35%.
    And the rat-a-tat Boy Harris? Not speedy Gonzales with his pronouncements these days.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    ‘ O’Callaghan urged to oust Martin ‘
    I must say……that’s a case of extreme ROFL.

    John McGuinness is your man.

    1. V

      If the eFFers are going to insist on a shouty ProLifer to be their next leader
      It won’t be McGuiness

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yes, but that referendum has been run. From a capability point of view and a notion of honesty point of view (McCabe) and a fairly straight talking point of view (calling out Commissioner Callaghan), it’ll be difficult to find a leader more qualified to rebuild trust in the party by the electorate. It might instill a sense of meaning into the party – something good to try achieve.
        Somehow I don’t see anyone else that has qualities of that kind.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Dimmy isn’t an elected representative anymore. Not sure whether that would preclude him from being party leader – i doubt he could be but i’m not that well up on it.

  6. Anna

    Another Sunday, another British Royal photo on front of Irish Mail on Sunday. It really is amazing they can’t put some Irish photo on their front page!

  7. Cathal

    The FG mantra that profit must be protected above anything else will lead to many deaths from Covid 19.

    1. some old queen

      Italy is already making decisions on who receives Intensive Care based on age- and the same will happen here.

      The inaction from this government is shocking.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The UK has a ‘Three Wise Men’ approach if the worst comes to the worst.
        It’ll all be down to survival of the freshest, healthiest meat.

      2. Ringsend Incinerator

        Oh it will definitely be allocated on the basis of age here – the usual over 65 bed blockers will get it all, – most of it for free. They’re the ones keeping the current shower in power. Younger people will be banjaxed as usual.

        1. some old queen

          Nope- allocation will be on the basis of who is most likely to survive and, it will happen sooner than in Italy because they have a full NHS.

          Is there even private ICUs in Ireland?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Has been very quiet the past week or so. Maybe the Bean Savage overdosed on the staple diet? Or burnt his willie ironing his Union Jocks in preparation for the visit of the freeloaders.

        1. some old queen

          We have the DEEP CLEAN media bullpoo again- same as after Mehole Martin was gong to charge you two grand for having a fag indoors.

          1. Ringsend Incinerator

            whatever you agree with a consenting adult behind closed doors should be free.

          2. some old queen

            As a protected species I am deeply offended by your hateful comment- expect a visit at your place of work from an Garda Síochána Emergency Response Unit TODAY.

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