First Death Reported


This afternoon.

Via The Irish Times:

The patient died earlier today in a hospital in the east of the country, where they were been treated in recent days.

It is understood the patient initally presented with respiratory symptoms and was later diagnosed with the disease when staff decided to perform a test.

The female patient is understood to be elderly and was suffering from underlying conditions.

Coronavirus: Ireland records first death in patient with Covid-19 (irish Times)


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15 thoughts on “First Death Reported

  1. Birdie

    That’s so awful… really tragic. My thoughts are with their family and friends.

    I really think they need to just put everything on lock-down for a few weeks at least as Martin from the tortoise shack said, it would be an open goal for them with schools as the Easter holidays coming up. It’s now time for everyone to take collective responsibility and lets just get on with it caretaker minister… put the country on lock down.

    1. some old queen


      Rest In Peace- unfortunately, he or she may be the first but will not be the last.

      I have posted this before but worth repeating- Poland will close down schools, universities and cultural institutions, introducing an “effective quarantine,” ministers have announced- even though, as of today, they only have 25 cases.

      It doesn’t have to be a total lock down but any measures taken are better than none.

      1. 01101101 01100011

        the Dutch are just about to, apparently they’re getting hammered
        one of my mates on Erasmus was sent home yesterday, Uni closed indefinitely

  2. fakelikes

    Poland have decided to close all schools, universities and public buildings from today for 2 weeks.

    They have only 25 reported cases.

    Whilst Ireland is asleep at the wheel!

    1. 01101101 01100011

      and there’s a rake of it incoming this weekend….Cheltenham Abú!!

      I hope each and every one of them are shamed for the risk they are about to exercise upon their local communities, but shur€ the winnings will be of some comfort I suppose. stupid c—s.

      hm, any politicians stupid enough to show their faces over there yet? or is it just the (presumably immune) great and good of Irish society?


  3. some old queen

    When this is all over there is the some serious studies to be done on infectious disease control. Reduction in close contacts and screening is by far the best way of containing this and, the sooner it begins the better so- once more for Jesus- Professor John Crown on The Tonight Show last night.

    Lock everything down NOW.

  4. Baz

    I suggest that all those returning from Cheltenham are sent to Punchestown racecourse, send snipers over from the Curragh Camp and quarantine them for 40 days.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Ah that’s sad, RIP. Their poor family cannot provide a proper send-off either.
    And imagine being the tourist or business traveler, who went to Italy and came back and infected this person.
    These are dark days. Hopefully treatments and a vaccine can be developed and tested soon.

  6. Lilly

    That’s awful, RIP.

    Are we going to be told how she contracted it? Had she been in contact with someone who had travelled to an affected area? Or has community contagion begun?

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