Dun Dun Dunnes


Dunnes Blanchardstown

Dunnes Douglas Court, Cork

Dunnes Cornelscourt, County Dublin

Dunnes Athlone, County Westmeath

Dunnes Ballyvolane, Cork

This morning/afternoon.

Pray to Saint Bernard.

Save yourselves.

Pics via Roscommon GAA, Simon Caldwell and Kelly Swanson

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23 thoughts on “Dun Dun Dunnes

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      you can’t buy more than one lemsip or Panadol at once,
      I felt so sorry for the older people looking bewildered out doing their best

  1. BS

    Why are people such morons? Are they genuinely stupid? Are these the people who get all their news from Facebook? Must be nice to not have a job and be able to head out to panic buy during the day.

    They are doing the opposite of the advice, minimise social interaction and don’t panic buy.

    1. Nigel

      1. They’ve been told to self-isolate, minimise interactions and generally stay indoors.
      2. Hard to stay indoors if you have to keep going out to the shops.
      3. Solution? Stock up on lots of non-perishables in one big shop.
      4. Don’t listen to idiots who call you morons when you’re being sensible and uses the phrase ‘must be nice.’

      1. Iggy

        Nope, they’re morons. We have been told to stand at least a metre away from each other and they’re thronging already-packed supermarkets. Great. That’s one way to deal with contagion. Blasted fools.

          1. BS

            If you need to self isolate use on line shopping.

            If you don’t then keep social interaction to a minimum, so do a shop once or twice a week. These people are buying enough food to last a family weeks not days. It’s ignorant, stupid, and selfish.

          2. Nigel

            Which makes sense because now they won’t have to go ut again for a while.The supermarkets will restock, and people who venture out next week won’t be confrtnted with crowds. It’s not ideal, but it’s not that dumb, either.

  2. b

    media outlets posting pictures of empty shelves just encourages the idiots panic buying

    just saying

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Looks like gathering of > 100 at each till. Hope nobody brought Covid 19 home with their other purchases

  4. Boj

    Bodger….with all that is going on you are still spitting out the class headlines! In stitches at that one, thanks.
    On a serious note, I wonder when it’ll get violent. Hope we all stay cool.

  5. Rob_G

    In the first two pictures, almost nobody has trolleys, so the panic-buying can’t be too bad.

  6. Matt Pilates

    Utter fupptards.

    Things are now so bad in Dublin 15 people are taking trolleys OUT of the canal.

  7. Joseph Sarsfield

    Spare a thought for all the staff on checkouts ,they are stuck in a no win situation,,
    Please be kind to them and don’t keep saying stuff about the Corona virus to them,

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