24 thoughts on “The Frill Mitts

  1. Lush

    Eucerin Handcream with 5% Urea.
    Ialuset Hyralonic Acid cream, if you can get it over the counter over there. Put it on at night.

  2. some old queen

    Cut back on the amount of washing by wearing surgical gloves if you can get them.

    You are also much more likely not to touch your face while wearing them.

  3. Paulus

    What IS IT with you ladies and your hands:
    Hands are our natural tools – for working with.
    Not another appendage to be moisturised, pampered, tanned, manicured, painted etc.

    On the other hand (hah), don’t come near me with big rough calloused mitts if yer plannin’ to do the dirty thing.

    1. V

      I think you’re safe there Paulo

      But now you’ve given me another dilemma

      My shellac is growing out and needs doing – by next week at the latest
      What’s the protocol with nail bars lads?

  4. paddy apathy

    In general, and I’m no expert, but you could start by using proper typographical convention and traditional spacing methods in your posts to improve readability and legibility.

  5. Efa

    For anyone with sensitive skin, I recommend https://www.nursem.co.uk/ – It’s developed for nurses (so it has to be hygienic). If you read the backstory, one of the founders is a nurse with bad skin and had to take time off work as a result. I ordered about €100 worth of their products…..so hoping it arrives soon. It’s a soothing, hygienic hand sanitiser. (I’ve zero affiliation with the company).

    1. V

      Thanks for that
      I just completed purchase on hand cream and hand wash

      So with a bitta luck
      Me mitts
      Will be back to peak fondle condition

      And now that all my evenings and weekends for the foreseeable are my own again
      Tis only right I get meself back into shape (◠‿◕)

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