The Temple Of Doom


The Temple Bar, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 this afternoon

Friday pints

A hooch-soaked death wish.

Anon writes:

There is a a live webcam of both inside and outside The Temple Bar pub.

Numerous people in a confined space? Check

People bumping into each other and ignoring social distance directions? Check

Plenty of touching their faces and continuing on as normal? Check

Any evidence of additional precautions by the premises? Ehhh

Watch the plague transmission in real time here

15 thoughts on “The Temple Of Doom

  1. wearnicehats

    I was walking down the street today and I got into one of those situations where someone was coming directly the other way and we both went one way and then we both went the other way. All very embarrassing but the point is that, by the end of it, I’d say we were about 2 feet apart and my coat might actually have touched the other guy’s coat and now I’m really really worried that a guy with a big scythe is going to knock on the door at any minute. For the love of a non-denominational mythical being won’t somebody think of the children (they’re the one’s you really need to watch)

    1. Dhaughton99

      Last year, I was waking the bichon along George’s st and he was refusing to walk, so I picked him up and kept walking. Going past this big buff lad in a white t-shirt and the dog started getting sick while shaking his head. A watery grass green showered all over this poor lad. He’s WTF fuming and I just kept walking coz he was going to pound me. Felt so sorry for him.

  2. The Dude

    Remarkable the difference in approach by different commercial establishments.

    Fair dues to Whelan’s and Copper Faced Jack’s for responsibly shutting up shop yesterday.

    As far as I recall, Temple Bar pub has substantial patron capacity over a number of floors. Are there not directions in place restricting gatherings to 100 or less? What’s the legality of what seems to be occurring?

    Meanwhile, those at Cheltenham are due to return without screening? Madness! They all need to be put into the Curragh Camp for a couple of weeks – an appropriate setting, as they like horses so much.

    1. Dr.Fart

      i agree. we arent going to quell the virus with how it’s being handled at the moment. i predict it will rumble on for a few months, steadily get worse and worse. The strain will mutate to allow it take more hosts. That’s how these things work. They evolve. When it starts getting deadlier and for a wider demographic, people will call for real action, governments of capitalist countries (such as ours) will wait to see what big corporations etc. want to do, if they want to temporarily stem their profits to save lives. They won’t. Eventually Governments will have to take real action and close everything and force people into complying. I predict this stage to take up to 2 years to reach. By then, another year to eradicate and now more destructive virus. Populations will be depleted, but the world will be more manageable.

    2. George

      “Over several floors” – so separated then. I won’t be going to the pub but let’s not be silly in how we interpret the advice.

  3. 01101101 01100011

    as this has come up as a subject spare a thought for barworkers please….

    even though some headliner places like Whelans etc. have put proper shutdown in play the gastropub gaff I work in not far from there hasn’t as yet. I’m caught now as I’m afraid of refusing in case I lose the job….it’s already caused some frictions at home as my da is adamant that I’m not to commit to any fresh rosters for the coming weeks (he has visions of heaving busy pubs at the weekend and me catching the yoke and passing it on…in fairness he’s seen my gaff and it would be pretty packed on weekend night) and that he will step in and help me out on the money side i.e. he’s gonna pay me to stay out of it if necessary.

    anyways just sayin there’s a couple of angles to this

    1. The Dude

      Your Da is right – you’ve only one of him, whereas you can get another job later.

      Time to adopt precautionary principle, and prioritise health over wealth.

      1. 01101101 01100011

        well the thing is my younger brother has an issue and he’s got a bad immune system as a result, also both my grandparents are to be thought of too. like on one hand I could just goto work and stay at my digs away from the house for weeks/months? it’s all of a sudden becoming a fat mess. I guess if my boss is an ass about it he’s not worth working for anyway.

  4. Birdie

    I heard on the radio that Dunnes and the vintners association are the only ones that won’t engage with Mandate about the safety of their employees. Nuff said, all mighty profit we worship at your feet. You can be bloody sure the owners and upper management aren’t putting themselves in the front line. Selfish fecks.

  5. James T Russell

    Just scaremongering, the fact is that there’s not much to be done, we should all move forward as normally as possible, people have to live and enjoy themselves, otherwise there’s no point in living altogether.

    1. jamesjoist

      That seems to be the approach of the British PM, a sort of survival of the healthiest attitude.

    2. The Dude

      Are you for real?

      So re-open the schools on Monday etc?

      Have you any idea how disease spreads? If not, in all seriousness I suggest you read up on John Snow

      > ‘living altogether’ without taking responsible measures, such as avoiding unnecessary social contact at a time of known outbreak of an infectious disease causing fatalities, is not smart.

      Also, this may help explain why everybody not getting infected simultaneously means fewer fatalities.
      It is CRUCIALLY important.

      No disrespect, but seriously, time to cop on – unless you’re happy to be the cause of deaths around you.

  6. The Dude

    Apparently the Temple Bar pub closed earlier than normal tonight, if online suggestions are to be believed.

    The supposed live web stream showing inside is now playing a loop from previous times, unlike the other night, when bouncers could be seen clearing out the place at the end of trade.

    However, the outside web stream is still live; plenty of people continuing on jollies – irresponsible twats.

    Hopefully sense has prevailed at The Temple Bar pub and it remains closed. Others need to do likewise.

    Fair dues to Broadsheet for covering this. You may have helped save lives.

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