Through The Ringer


This afternoon.

Ringsend & Irishtown Tidy Towns & Environment (RITE) tweetz:

Many groups over the years requested these, many phone calls, emails, requests to city Councillors & TDs, RITE took up the mantle, today they arrived. Many thanks to all involved…


10 thoughts on “Through The Ringer

      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        Only from strangers- tech workers; culchies, tourists, blow-ins, estate agents, other vermin. Seems reasonable.

        Plus it’s Dublin 4.


  1. George

    As someone who used to design signs for a living that logo on a white box really bugs me. For dark backgrounds use the white version of the logo.

    Also put the graphic at the top inside a circle or ellipse not another white rectangle. Jamming those corners into the curved space isn’t good.

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