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This afternoon.

The Irish Glass Bottle site,  Ringsend, Dublin 4

Biddy Bitcoin writes:

Raytown: Not a Ghost of a Chance…

Any excuse.

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Lack of social homes in Dublin docklands raised by oversight body


A queue for an apartment viewing in Ringsend, Dublin 4.

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Looking for a decent tenant?

Try Decent Gaffs

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Little Prince Productions writes:

We at Little Prince just released our first Irish short. It was an independant production, filmed in Ringsend, Dublin with an all Irish cast [including Jack Gleeson and Aaron Blu Heffernan] and crew, in association with Wonderfulgood art collective. We thought we’d pass it on to you kind folk.


Little Prince Productions


Simon Kelly, near Ringsend, Dublin writes:

Maybe Broadsheet can help with the extremely poor service provided by Oxigen, two months later and the bins have still not been collected.


pigeonhouseRichard Power (submerged).

He went down with his brolly.

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

In the last decade of the 18th century, the Pigeon House, Dublin (shown above) was the scene of a sad series of tragic events, beginning with the death of Richard Power, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, a ‘morose, fat, fellow… very learned, very rich and very ostentatious’.

Having been accused of embezzling from the Court’s funds, and failing in an attempt to shoot his accuser, the Lord Chancellor, Power rode to the Pigeon House, handed his horse to a servant and entered the sea carrying an umbrella (it was a very wet day). His body was washed up some time later.

News of the death of such an eminent legal figure set off a rash of repeat drownings. In the months following, at least one attorney and not a few clients, also died by the same means at the same spot.

Accounts vary as to whether Power killed himself out of guilt or chagrin at being wrongly accused. He was already extremely rich, but the origins of his fortune were somewhat murky. Peculator or sensitive soul bullied to distraction by the machinations of his colleagues, he remains one of the very few Irish judges to have died by their own hand during their term of office.


Source: The Scottish Register

She doesn’t even have a name.

Jean Bourke writes:

I found a dog on Sunday [January 27] beside the Ringsend toll bridge (East link) on the south side. We’ve been looking after her since then. The vet says she is probably about 2 years old and really well looked after but they don’t know her. We rang the gardai, the pound and the DSPCA and put ads up everywhere we can online, including lost.ie. We’ve also put posters up all around and talked to people in the area in case someone recognised her.

She really is a lovely well behaved dog and very well trained. She’s cuddly and affectionate and must be missing her family, and they her.We really can’t keep her because of where we live though we’d love to. The best thing for her would be to find her family again.

Any help you can give us in tracking down her family would be really great.  Her owner might not be online much but she is such a friendly memorable dog that someone may recognise her.



Ciara Baker writes:

My Dog Lily has gone missing and I am heartbroken without her. I have been looking everywhere and contacting every vet, pound, kennel and dog rescue charity. She disappeared from Londonbridge road in the Ringsend [Dublin 4] area early on Saturday morning [August 4] and we think she followed someone walking towards Grand Canal street. She is a border collie mix, medium in size and black and white in color and wearing a pink and black collar with a bone-shaped disc on it with my phone number [an 087 number]. A reward is being offered for her safe return. She is very very loved.