“To Ensure Tenants And Landlords Don’t Suffer Irreversible Hardship”


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This afternoon.

The Irish Property Rights’ Association released the following statement:

“Stephen Faughnan, Chairman of the Irish Property Owners’ Association, has stated that all tenants who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of losing their jobs should be afforded access to the existing HAP scheme.

“He stated that the Government need to put the resources and structures in place to deal with the likely requirement for this support and that the IPOA’s members are happy to work with tenants who need to move to the HAP system.

This will necessitate cutting through the red tape that currently exists with the HAP system to ensure that tenants and landlords don’t suffer irreversible hardship from the C-19 crisis.”


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21 thoughts on ““To Ensure Tenants And Landlords Don’t Suffer Irreversible Hardship”

  1. Jonjo

    Selfish bastards. “They may lose their jobs but we still want paying”. How about the banks suspend the property owners payments and they afford the same courtesy to renters?

    1. Toe Up

      Exactly, that’s what’s being done in Italy where all mortgage repayments have been suspended.

    2. Clampers Outside

      This is what will be done, and tracked and policed, or so it was said on RTE 9O’Clock News.

  2. italia'90

    They’re happy to accept HAP now even though many of them refused it in the past?

    what a 2 faced shower of baxtards!

    Banks are happy to freeze their mortgages if the property is subject to one
    I know UIster Bank are onIy asking for €200 pm atm for the next 3 months


  3. some old queen

    What happens when the HAP payments do not meet the full rent? That is surely the reason why most landlords did not accept HAP in the first place?

    1. Cian

      It is one of the reasons.
      There is also a belief that a tenant that needs HAP may not be as, um, reliable a tenant as one that is paying their own way.

        1. Cian

          I didn’t say it was true. Just explain why certain landlords don’t want to deal with HAP tenants.

          1. Qwerty123

            HAP is the way the council offload their housing responsibility to the private sector. It should be scrapped, not extended.

            Completely distorts the rental market, especially in Dublin.

        2. Jam

          Somebody typed something that doesn’t align to my opinion. Stop them! Dismantle their keyboard!

  4. yojimbo

    Pretty soon most will be happy just to have some money coming in at all. There is a nighmare coming for most of us.

  5. This is a joke

    [NOTES FROM THE MEETING] (continued)

    20 minutes later and nobody has moved. They seem to be just looking at each other.

    It’s typical of their species, but it’s not uncommon for you to read this sentence in David Attenborough’s voice.

  6. some old queen

    So now HAP is to become the surety of those who preferred 100% market rates over 80% on a five year basis- this, is political 180 at at its finest.

  7. class wario

    Fup these clowns. Looking for the banks to ease up on the mortgages on one end while looking to have their rental income subsidised on the other. Cut them off completely.

  8. jamesjoist

    I hate to harp on about the horsey crowd and Cheltenham, but, just imagine if the virus originated in a Chinese province but was particular to farmed animals , not humans , if it followed the exact same path as corona and caused the same havoc to farm animals . Would the farming lobbies in Ireland have been as blase as we’re about the Cheltenham crowd

  9. Daisy Chainsaw

    HAP is the worst thing to happen to this country in years. It’s responsible for putting a huge amount of people in hotels and hubs. Bring back rent allowance and scrap the HAP scam.

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