14 thoughts on “One Job

  1. Shayna

    That’s great the 2 metre rule – we’ll be fine. (69 inches in old money – ta for that)

      1. Pat

        ‘Metres’ is the word they should have used this side of the Atlantic and ‘meters’ is the US version of it.

        Where do I claim my prize?

  2. Dr.Fart

    need to sort out some of the tesco express and spars etc., ya can’t keep 2m from people. some of us did the right thing, you’d see someone in an aisle, you’d wait for them to leave and then go down. but many are just bulliin’ around the tiny aisles brushin past ya with no care. the que in spar across from Griffith College where i met new girlfriend goes to college, she’s 23, i met her in my surgery, but thats another story, the queue in there has the 2m spacings but you literally have to walk thru the queue to get to the rest of the shop. places like that should be assessed by a safety judge and closed down if they can’t keep people apart.

    1. Rob_G

      At least the lockdown allows you extra time to indulge in your rich fantasy life where you are doctor who has unethical relations with young patients, anyway.

        1. Rob_G

          Of course it is.

          Look, it’s fine to live out your fantasy life online in normal circumstances, it’s not hurting anyone, and the Kitty thing was mildly amusing, but currently there are real healthcare professionals who are putting their own and their families’ health at risk to keep us safe, so your Walter Mitty-claims of your idealised life as a doctor with a nymphomaniac student girlfriend are even less funny than usual.

          1. Dr.Fart

            i’ll come utterly clean. I am a retired GP. I do have an ex-wife, Kitty is not her name, but the relationship strains are true, just some of the stories are not. I do not have young girlfriends. I have a teenage daughter who lives with her mum and hates me. Fart is not my surname. I am coming out of retirement to help tackle the crisis (i’m waiting on clearance which should be very soon). I will be operating my practice from a make shift set-up at home as my old practice is now an estate agents office. If I catch C-19, I will be in quite a bit of trouble, given my own health issues. When I get back to work, I won’t have very much time to be on Broadsheet. I won’t miss you two. But nor do I have any real ill-wishes toward either. Commenting here has been a distraction from an otherwise very dull and static life. I do hope I will be back. Be safe.

  3. Mé Féin

    That’s how they spell it in America, where the majority of the world’s English speakers live.

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