How’s It Goin’ There Everybody


Everybody needs a fake.

Harry Prendergast writes:

Christy Moore is isolating at home and is sending me on covers of “modren classics” to lift people’s spirits and the auld mental health. He’ll be sending more on every day, and is only dyin’ for requests.

In fairness.


Harry Prendergast

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3 thoughts on “How’s It Goin’ There Everybody

  1. :-Joe

    I can imagine Christy Moore doing a cover of Louis Prima’s – Just a gigalo or When you’re smiling, for no particular reason other than it would sound great with his voice, tone and skills as a singer/storyteller.


  2. Liam Deliverance

    Well I hope Christy is keeping well and safe, a few varied tracks for consideration, cheers Harry

    Ultan Conlon – The Golden Sands

    Kenny Rogers – Coward of the County

    ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man

    Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown

    Carole King – I feel the Earth move

    Hozier – Take me to church

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