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Last night.

ESB writes:

What a bizarre image.

It’s not a caption competition unless you insist.


Christy Moore at The Point Theatre in 2001

G’wan the Christy.

Everybody needs a break.

Any excuse.


He’s back.

Harry Prendergast writes:

Christy’s back. This week is a bit tougher than last week, so he wanted to give ye a lift. Share and have a laugh, and remember this won’t last forever.

Today’s song is Save Tonight, by Eagle Eye Cherry. An ode to how we’ve all gone a bit native, if native means sitting at home in your shorts eating biscuits.

Keep the heads up. If you’re low this week, you have your comrades everywhere.

Leave requests for Harry/Christy below.

Harry Prendergast

Previously: Perspire Like Nobody’s Watching

Smells Like Sweaty Tee Spirit

How’s It Goin’ There Everybody

He’s back.

Harry Prendergast writes:

Christy is loving all the comments. He wants to keep the smiles going far and wide while things aren’t great, so keep sharing and keep the requests coming.

The song he’s picked for today is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. It’s about how we all turn into a complete disgrace after the big shop.

Christy will keep them coming. Keep ‘er goin!

Leave requests for Harry/Christy below.

Harry Prendergast

Yesterday: Smells Like Sweaty Tee Spirit


Harry Prendergast writes:

Christy was blown away with all the goodwill and nice comments yesterday. He’s determined to keep the spirits lifted with a song every day. Keep the requests coming.

The song he’s picked for today is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

Spread the word – Christy’s back. Keep the head down and the chin up!

Please leave requests for Harry/Christy below.

Yesterday: How’s It Goin There Everybody

The Love & Courage podcast.

‘Soulful audio interviews with inspirational people who have important insights and wisdom for our world today.’

Ruairí McKiernan (top left) meets Christy Moore (right).

Ruairí writes:

In what may be his most honest and revealing interview yet, the folk legend has opened up about how the death of his father impacted him at an early age, about the joy he has found in sobriety, hate mail he has received, and why he feels more needs to be done when it comes to environmental action….

Love & Courage

If you want wade through this.

This afternoon.

Dublin Castle.

Singer Christy Moore attends the Disclosure Tribunal, which resumed this morning, in support of Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe.

In fairness.

Olga Cronin (her off the telly!) is live tweeting proceedings for the ‘sheet here.

Earlier: Maurice’s Day




The Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, North Great Charles Street Dublin 1

John Connors, Christy Moore and Bressie helped launch a position paper on Traveller Men’s Health. Research shows that men in the Travelling community suffer more from depression, low self-esteem and discrimination.

The Pavee Point organisation wants a national strategy to address the suicide rate among the male Travelling community, which is almost seven times the national average.

Research published a decade ago showed Traveller men’s lives were 15 years shorter that the overall male population in Ireland. Pavee Point says there is nothing to suggest that has changed.

Call for strategy to address male Traveller mental health (RTÉ)


The Traveller advocacy group Pavee Point has welcomed the news that Taoiseach Enda Kenny has resolved to support the recognition of Traveller ethnicity.

Mr Kenny said on Wednesday that the Government would begin taking steps towards the recognition of Traveller ethnicity in the new year.

The Taoiseach said he had asked Minister of State at the Department of Justice David Stanton to prepare a report for the social affairs committee on the question of recognising Traveller ethnicity. The report is expected in a few weeks.

In fairness.

Pavee Point welcomes recognition of Traveller ethnicity (irish Times)