You Can’t Miss It


Tom writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but this bicycle was stolen from Broadstone/Phibsborough last night.

It is a fairly distinctive triple tandem bicycle made by Thorn Cycles. We’ve been using lately to exercise the kids during social distancing.

It is quite hard to miss so if anybody sees it please get in touch or indeed contact your local Gardaí. Thanks.


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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Miss It

  1. Tarfton Clax

    What kind of syphilitic barf-gargle would steal a bike like that? Seriously, some people need a Habenero chili and killer bee enema on a weekly basis to keep them right.

    1. millie aka oprah


      But yes. Totally agree. It looks like an absolute beauty of a bike and I hope it shows up. Let us know if it shows up.

    2. Type0Negative

      An opportunistic barf-gargle unfortunately, I just had a look at Thorn Cycles website – the bike is worth a hefty €4400. Good luck fencing it in Ireland though, it’d hopefully be recognised fairly quickly.

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