Cougher Face Packs


Gardaí are to be issued with 16,000 “spit hoods” to place over suspects’ faces

This morning.

The Irish Times reports:

The plastic devices have been criticised by human rights groups in the UK – where they are widely deployed by police forces – as dangerous and degrading.

The Garda has ordered 16,000 spit hoods, which cover the entire face of the detainee and stops them spitting at, coughing on or biting officers.


Coronavirus: Gardaí to receive controversial ‘spit hoods’ during crisis ( The Irish Times)

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Pic: Hampshire Constabulary

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18 thoughts on “Cougher Face Packs

  1. TheTigerKingsDiscography

    They could spit on their hands before the Gardaí get it on their heads and then smear it into the uniform.
    Then the Guard has to go back to the station & change

  2. Dhaughton99

    Radio 1 news said a nurse was spat at by someone who tested positive and she is now in quarantine.

    1. Shitferbrains

      Frogmarched hopefully. While being beaten around the head and shoulders. And denied legal representation. And that’s just for the children.

  3. Murtles

    So spitting on someone isn’t degrading but putting a hood on the spitter is. To be afforded Human Rights you have to be human first, the pond scum that do this are not.

    1. Cian

      Problem is:
      (1) if someone spits at you, and then you put this on them – it’s too late – they already spat at you.
      (2) if you put this on before someone spits – it protects you (if they were to spit)… but you may have just degraded an innocent[1] person.

      [1] innocent in terms of spitting.

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