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Steve White writes:

How do you maintain two metres social distancing when boarding, alighting and on board on a bus? as Dublin Bus says it wants you to do. I don’t believe its possible and Dublin Bus statement is corporate nonsense.


Introduction of Social Distancing Measures On-board (Dublin Bus)


Dublin Bus seating Yesterday.

Via Hille

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29 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. Brother Barnabas

      steve’s twitter into-thing says “If i ask a question don’t just fav or retweet, reply”

      keep more than 2 metres away from him

      1. Rob_G

        This is ‘people who tag Broadsheet in stuff on Twitter’ all-over.

        In fact, it’s just Twitter all-over.

  1. Hank

    Yeah Steve, they’re guidelines. It’s really not that complicated. The aim is, if you have to use the bus, you should endeavour to keep a 2 metre distance between yourself and other passengers. That doesn’t mean, if you find yourself 1.2 metres away from someone for a few seconds, you’ll automatically be infected. Same goes for supermarkets. Hold your breath when you’re passing people. It’s all about minimizing the risk. And judging by any buses I’ve seen in the past week, it wouldn’t be difficult.

  2. Spud

    Use middle doors to get off?

    A lot of times indoors it’s impossible too.
    It’s all about minimising risk as much as possible.

  3. Dhaughton99

    Auld dears without masks yapping to the poor girl at the checkout a foot away while fishing for change and the clubcard is what’s annoying me.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      My local shops that have them have restricted everyone to the self-service checkouts, with clear marking on the floors. Very sensible, especially given your point.

  4. george

    You stand back and wait. You stand 2 metres behind not to the side. The graphic is terrible as it shows people from the front and the gap proportionally is not 2 metres. People haven’t a clue how big two metres is. It approximately the width of a car including mirrors. If a car can’t fit between you then you’re not leaving enough room.

  5. jamesjoist

    I see Britain has had a little bit of good news, the Eminence Grise has self isolated , he’s at least 2 mtrs from doing harm

  6. f_lawless

    I see over in Holland the recommended distance is only 1.5 metres. Our authorities must deem us a more infectious lot.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      people in holland are a lot taller – among the tallest in the world, actually

      so 1.5 metres there would be approx 1.91 metres here, so broadly consistent

      1. f_lawless

        silly me I forgot to factor in all the windmills which would help to blow the virus away a bit

  7. steve white

    Are Dublin bus’ seat pitch 1 metre apart I don’t think so I found one reference to it being 70cm, even if they blocking off alternate rows,or stagger them upstairs and measure the diagonal, how to you maintain 2 metres social distance?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      seated in row 1: lean to the left

      seated in row 3: lean to the right

      seated in row 5: lean to the left

      seated in row 7: lean to the right

      seated in row 9: lean to the left

      seated in row 11: lean to the right

      and so on

    2. Cian

      If each seat is 70cm then you go every 3rd row.
      Simple maths.

      There is even a picture of this at the top of the article.

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