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Staying in tonight?

Course you are.

On Claire Byrne Live…

…Sarah Neville writes:

As Ireland enters a two-week period of further restrictions in an effort to curb the coronvirus’ spread, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney gives an update to viewers.

And one week into lockdown in the UK, Irish presenter Angela Scanlon speaks about the solidarity of the London Irish.

Bernard Brogan tells us about the many GAA volunteers who are helping vulnerable people in communities all over the country.

Fair City actor Jim Bartley, best known for his role as Bella Doyle, talks about his experience of cocooning and Irish Times columnist Jennifer O’Connell will reflect on how our lives have changed.

Cork Consultant in Emergency Medicine Dr Chris Luke, GP Dr Illona Duffy and Dr Suzanne Crowe, Intensive Care Specialist at Crumlin Children’s Hospital give their take on how Ireland is handling this crisis.

Tonight’s programme will be co-presented by Sarah McInerney in studio, and Claire Byrne via live video link…

Claire Byrne Live at 10.35pm on RTÉ One.

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7 thoughts on “Live From The Shed

    1. some old queen

      That is an ecumenical matter- nothing like a pandemic for a bit of the old wealth transfer eh?

  1. Andrew

    This gimmick of Claire conducting interviews from her shed has run is course, There’s no need for it. Both Orla O’Donnell and Sarah McInerney were in the studio last night, there really is no need for Claire to be interviewing Simon Coveney via video link from her shed when Orla O’Donnell was sitting right in front of him in the studio.
    We get it Claire, you’re a trooper but you’re not so talented as to be indispensable.

    1. Steve White

      It’s called the Claire Byrne show…
      I’d question those in studio more
      But I don’t thinks public service tv should be named after the presented.

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