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Ah here.

Just a flavour of the immense silliness of RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live over the past two months, from ‘how to wash your hands’ (top) to last night’s jet plane interior seating reenactment.

Not all superheroes have blonde bobs.

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Last night.

On RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Live.

The broadcaster recreated a trip to a hairdressers, a dentist and an Irish pub, the latter via Fair City’s set of McCoy’s, to show what the three settings would be like amid Covid-19 measures.

The programming will continue until morale improves.

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From top: Claire Byrne; question allegedly put to members of the public as part of an Amárach Research survey for RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Live

This afternoon.

Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Bróin tweetz:

I am absolutely appalled by this question. Claire Byrne Live and RTÉ should withdraw this survey. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are actively excluding Sinn Féin from talks. Sinn Féin is doing everything we can to form a Government. Appalling bias here.



Last night.

On RTÉ’s Claire Byrne Live.

Ms Byrne put it to Dr Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer at the HSE, that the official figures may not reveal the “whole story” about the prevalence of Covid-19 in Ireland.

Ms  Byrne suggested that because of the delays and changes in testing criteria, and because Ireland isn’t testing people who are asymptomatic, there must be a lot of unknown cases in Ireland.

Dr Henry admitted that Ireland could “never, ever” pick up every single case of Covid-19. He said the purpose of testing is to trigger public health actions which are designed to stem or halt the transmission of the virus.

During their discussion, they had this exchange.

Claire Byrne: “I suppose my question is how do we know we’re bending the curve, when we don’t know how much of this virus there is out there?”

Dr Colm Henry: “Because our modelling takes so much more into account. It takes in, as I said, data coming into acute hospitals. I takes into account trends in intensive care units, we know, looking at the trends in admission to intensive care, it is not as steep as we feared a week or two ago. It is too early to say it Claire, how sustained that will be.

“And again that message is there, that each and every one of us have the power to save lives, to prevent people getting critically ill and to avoid healthcare workers getting sick when we need them.”

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Claire Byrne

Staying in tonight?

Course you are.

On Claire Byrne Live…

…Sarah Neville writes:

As Ireland enters a two-week period of further restrictions in an effort to curb the coronvirus’ spread, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney gives an update to viewers.

And one week into lockdown in the UK, Irish presenter Angela Scanlon speaks about the solidarity of the London Irish.

Bernard Brogan tells us about the many GAA volunteers who are helping vulnerable people in communities all over the country.

Fair City actor Jim Bartley, best known for his role as Bella Doyle, talks about his experience of cocooning and Irish Times columnist Jennifer O’Connell will reflect on how our lives have changed.

Cork Consultant in Emergency Medicine Dr Chris Luke, GP Dr Illona Duffy and Dr Suzanne Crowe, Intensive Care Specialist at Crumlin Children’s Hospital give their take on how Ireland is handling this crisis.

Tonight’s programme will be co-presented by Sarah McInerney in studio, and Claire Byrne via live video link…

Claire Byrne Live at 10.35pm on RTÉ One.

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Sick Byrne

I’m In A Glass Case Of Contagion

RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live last night with the host (above) and Professor Sam McConkey (right) and Dr Matthew O’Toole

On RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live last night.

Ms Byrne, broadcasting live from her shed, told viewers that she had tested positive for coronavirus at the weekend.

A week ago, on the evening of March 16, Ms Byrne broadcast from the same location as she had been showing symptoms and was self-isolating.

Last night she said her symptoms had since “abated” and added “I’m not too bad at all actually”.

Ms Byrne said:

“Now I told you last week that I had gone into self-isolation because I was displaying some symptoms at the time. It was symptoms of a head cold that I thought I had.

“Since then I’ve been tested and that result was positive for Covid-19 and I’m one of the now 1,125 people in Ireland with coronavirus and as we learned today sadly two more people have died, bringing to six the number of lives claimed by this disease.

“And when we hear about those deaths, that’s what makes us all feel so worried and so anxious about this.

“So tonight what I want to do is to tell you about what happened to me over the last week. So I was here last week, I was talking to you, I was telling you about the symptoms I had of a head cold that my GP had referred me for a test.

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Ah here.

Won’t someone please think of the camera, sound and lighting crew (and anyone else mingling in the cabin)?

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Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One.

A patient ‘with coronavirus’ called ‘Paul’ and living in Ireland spoke ‘from his hospital bed’ with Ms Byrne.

Paul “I went abroad for a short trip and then I came back to Ireland where I live. I felt OK for a couple of days, then I started to have a little bit of fever and given that I was abroad I decided to self-isolate myself and call and explain the situation. So what they did was send a medical officer to my apartment and the medical officer took a swab of my throat and nose. After 24 hours I was notified about the positivity of the test and an ambulance picked me up at my place and drove me to the hospital.”

Claire Byrne: “Can you tell me a little bit more about how you felt when those symptoms first happened?”

Paul: “The only symptoms I had was, basically, the fever. I didn’t have any respiratory problem, any lung inflammation, any cough, any sneezing so was just the fever but again based on the fact I was abroad I preferred to self-isolate myself anyway because I was not sure if it was safe to go around. But I didn’t have any severe symptoms, I actually feel great now. I had a fever for a couple of days and now from Friday, I don’t have any more symptoms and so I am just here in the hospital being tested for the virus.”

Byrne: “And when the medical officer came to your apartment what was that like? Was that person in full protective gear?”

Paul: “Yes. That person came to my apartment and he was fully, lets say, dressed up. The actual test took less than five minutes, he came into the apartment, he was dressed up, he came to my bedroom because I was in my bedroom, he tested and then he went away. And again I was notified in 24 hours.”

Byrne: “Was that scary when you found out you had Covid19?”

Paul: “I was a little bit worried of course but its a new virus and all this information is going around, but at the same time I was not scared because it is clear now of course it is something we have to fight. It might be dangerous but at the same time most of the people recover and that is the official information that we have. So based on the facts, and that I am quite young, I was not scared.”

Byrne: “So you got the notification that you had Covid19, how long did it take before you were taken to hospital?”

Paul: “A short time, less than an hour. So basically the HSE called me back and they notified me, they had a lot of questions about people I was in contact with, about my co-workers, and these kind of things just to understand if someone else could have got the virus from me. Then in less than an hour the ambulance was at my place and they picked me up and they drove me to the hospital very quickly.”

Byrne: “And since then you have been in isolation?”

Paul: “Yes, I am currently in isolation in a private room and the nurses and medical officers are really, really nice with me. What is going on is I am being tested everyday for the virus and when I will be negative for twice in a row, so for two consecutive days it means I will be free of the virus and I can go back home.”

Byrne: “Can you tell me a little bit about wast it is like to be in isolation in hospital? How much of the medical staff do you see or how much contact do you have?”

“There is not a lot of people going in and out of course, it’s a new virus and they try to contain to keep at a minimum the amount of contact. The only thing I would say is that it is boring, I am here and I just have to read, watch some movies and that’s the only things. Apart from that I am fine.”

Byrne: “You mentioned that the HSE asked you who you had been in contact with, how detailed was that questioning? What do you remember about that?”

 “They just asked me basically what did you do before calling us? I came back from the trip, and I went to work for one day because I felt OK and I didn’t have any symptoms. They just asked me all the details of the people I might have been in contact with so they were able to contact those people and they take all the procedures to eventually block the spreading of the virus.”

Byrne: “I know you have been in isolation as you say and you have been reading and watching what has been going on so based on your experience what do you think about what some people call the panic on social media about Covid19?”

Paul: “I am not probably the right person to talk about that because I am not on any social media but what I can say and it’s based on my experience is that I think it is what people should do is that not listen to people that are not, they don’t know what they are talking about. What I mean is that follow the information that is on the websites of relevant authorities.”

Byrne: “You will be there until you get two consecutive days of negative tests, do you have a time line on that? Has anyone said to you this is how long this might take to work through your system?”

Paul: “No, they didn’t tell me exactly, but again the relevant websites, you can check for that. I think it depends on person to person, it depends on the symptoms you had, if they are more severe it may take longer. I am just waiting here and hope that it will happen soon.”

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