‘None Of Our Nurses Died From Covid-19’


This afternoon.



Irish Times, March 27



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14 thoughts on “‘None Of Our Nurses Died From Covid-19’

  1. Dhod

    Paddy Cosgrave has been posting sponsored tweets to this effect. I think he wants a big medal and everyone to tell him he’s a great fella

  2. Father Filth

    Poo raking tossers..

    Stay safe. Wash your hands. Give older folk the chance to live a life not curtailed by selfishness and indifference.

  3. Optimus Grime

    I have to seriously question Paddy’s motives with these tweets over the last while. Has the point been to highlight genuine issues or to merely insert himself into the national debate around the illness? Either way for someone I had no great affection for previously I now put him in the same category as chewing gum stuck to my shoe.

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    He didn’t say 4 HSE Nurses died. And he’s right though to ask – are contractors and agency medical staff in our health service being treated as well or even hailed equally as heroes? Or are they treated as badly as contractors are by his tech friends in Facebook..

  5. Blonto

    At least he’s asking questions. The “playing a blinder” brigade are a pain in the face. Front line staff are doing great. Bureaucrats and management (including politicians) are not. The health services do not have the supplies they need. Testing is a mess. Stats are questionable. Information is not forthcoming. Look at Japan and South Korea and how they have dealt with this – and they have larger populations, living in close quarters and Japan has an ageing population.
    So there’s no harm in asking questions. And wanting better.

    1. Clampers Outside

      What’s the opposite of the “playing a blinder” brigade?

      The “look a Japan and Sth Korea” brigade.

      Let’s not discount the importance of cultural practices which are part of those countries, such as, respecting personal space and not shaking hands. Discounting the importance of these by just saying “look at x country” is far too simplistic.

      1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

        Let’s not discount their methodical, scientific and no stuffing around approach to tackling the virus.

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