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    1. Chuckenstein

      I haven’t watched a Bond in years so can’t compare….but that’s the very reason I haven’t. Love the old Bonds and watched Goldfinger again a few weeks ago. Brilliant entertainment. R.I.P., Honor.

    2. Peter Dempsey

      I don’t think the Left approve of Bond movies. Too “problematic” say the Men With Beards

    3. :-Joe

      I was just watching Kermode’s – Secrets of Cinema, the one on Spy films..

      On the bond films, he was talking about all the casual sexism and male fantasy etc. that is obviously from a very different time.. Apparently the character she played in the original book was a lesbian who was ahem.. converted.. because of bond’s prowess in between the.. ahem.. martini’s, fiddling with his gadgets and mudering people after blowing millions of uk tax payer money away in the casino’s…
      – I’m paraphrasing a bit there.

      To think how completely out of whack you would be to even write that role let alone offer it to to an actress nowadays. . Ian fleming and his fantasy ideas got away with mu’y-der…


      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        different times, my auld fella still dies at the carry on movies, he gets a free pass,
        I enjoy the old bond movies, but I love a bit of glamour and Ursala Undress coming out of the water was a healthier roll model with her curves and her knife than some of waifs in magazines when I was a kid

        1. :-Joe

          Ah yes.. A healthy role model for me too…

          The carry on’s were funny when I was a cheeky little chisler and still sometimes now the odd time you see a scene from them but they have not dated all that well…afaik anyway.

          I can remember once getting very drunk to drown my sorrows after a break up and when woken up, refusing to get a taxi unless Ursulla Andrews was driving…
          – I staggered home in the end but no sign of her or any other mermaids on the way.


          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I can relate, I took to tying a steak knife to my ankle for ages much to my mum’s dispair,
            also after a break up, I got very upset the taxi driver wouldn’t take me home, problem was I was giving him my french address and I’d come home for the weekend, he wasn’t impressed when I tried to pacify him by whipping out the have drank bottle of champagne from under my coat and insisted to share, what a patient man looking back.

  1. Shayna

    I’d never met Honor Blackman persé – but I bumped into Joe McGann in a pub – they were recording the show at Riverside in Hamersmith – I said that I was a big fan – of his brother, Paul, – Withnail & I.Golly 94,

    1. Chuckenstein

      Paul, I think, is underrated in W&I. Nothing against Grant but I love both McGann and Richard Griffiths in it.

      1. Shayna

        Sure – beautiful movie, you say – a crack at the Irish, you say – “I called him a ponce, now I’m calling him a ponce – wonderful.

        1. :-Joe

          The scene with Monty and his “rogue” cat has me in stitches from laughing every time…


    1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

      A few Aussies got cycling jerseys made that say “Pushy Galore”. I love how all the comments are about a Bond girl dying (RIP) when Bozo is in ICU.

  2. dav

    Hope borris doesn’t let slip his hatred of the NHS or his plans to sell it to the yanks in his fevered ravings..

          1. :-Joe

            Boris is spoofing it for attention as usual..
            – He just has the equivolent of a mild flu…

            My best guesstimate is that he’s actually just run down from having to act like an adult for once.. and now needs a week off in ICU to get his head together..


          2. millie aka oprah

            That guesstimate is based on what exactly? Your dislike of him?

            I think he’s an absolute doorknob of a human and a truly abysmal PM, but your comment is absolutely nonsensical, to put it politely.

          3. :-Joe

            Yes it is my opinion of him but how is it nonsensical?. Well ok, flippant maybe but it’s just my opnion and speculation about what is really going on and to be fair it’s hard to take him seriously at the same or any other time…

            Isn’t that what he has built his own character on and around this whole time?.. If it seems like nonsense to you then sure, you’re entitled to your opinion.

            For what it’s worth.. My opinion is based on my knowledge of him from paying attention and researching his record, previous behaviour, proven form and the history of him in and out of the tory scum party… As a pseudo-journalist abusing his tabloid position in the torygraph spreading lies and misinformation. You have to keep an eye on those filthy rotten tories and their propaganda.

            Along with listening to the opnions of various politicians, political analysts intellectuals and commentators alike.. Including even churchill’s own living relatives and his own family… Who openly admit he’s a complete joke.

            Full disclosure. I’m not sure I would be as satisfied to hear of his demise if he passed away, definitely not as much as I was when thatcher did before him for different reasons, intelligent intent being one for sure.

            However, I would not care one single smallest iota about it regardless of how much his entertainment and comedy routine has appealed to and means so much to the almost willfully ignorant who, for whatever stupified reasoning decided to vote for him.

            Also, I get the feeling you’re holding a bit of a grudge about something?.. I could be wrong though… It’s happened before..
            -Actually it happens almost every day.

            Hope that answers your question.
            – Sincerely & respectfully.


          4. millie aka oprah

            What I find nonsensical is that your dislike of Boris (something I would not under any circumstances disagree with – he is an abhorrent individual, imo, and I agree with a lot of what you have written about him) is allowing you to presume that the front line workers of the NHS would waste precious resources and bed space in an ICU on someone who ‘needs a break’.

            Do you not think it is insulting to the people who are working in close proximity to those who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and who are risking their own health and welfare to do their job under the most difficult of circumstances, to imply that they would admit him to ICU because he has a common head cold or flu and needs to rest?

          5. Rob_G

            “Full disclosure. I’m not sure I would be as satisfied to hear of his demise if he passed away[…]

            However, I would not care one single smallest iota about it “

            He has young kids and his partner is pregnant – pretty scummy thing about a person, regardless of how much one disagrees with the man’s politics.

          6. Clampers Outside

            It’s simply hatred. Hatred dressed in self righteousness, and thusly completely lacking in any self awareness.

          7. :-Joe

            Haha really..?… Go TEAM !.. – @Rob_g bringing up the rear…!
            We’re playing a whole different ball game now with teamwork…aren’t we folks?..

            Is it TEAM TROLL or TEAM CHIP.. I like trolls sometimes but holding a grudge is never healthy and usually brings out the worst in people..

            You’re both completely irrational talking about healthcare workers and girlfriends and kids.. It also doesn’t help your case by insinuating, implying or claiming that I said, thought or assumed anything that I have not written clearly above. Daftness..

            You’re not, by any chance trying to pull at the sentiment of others for support against something you’ve invented but expect me to stupidly deny?…

            No? Of course not. I must be wrong about that because that would be seriously pathetic.and desperately immature behaviour too…

            Anyway, I’ve answered the semi-biased and semi-irrational question above already so either read it again(Rob_g especially) or just argue the point or at least argue any reasonable new point?… Actually maybe just quit while you’re behind because you’re already embarressing yourselves and each other.

            “scummy”?.. Ah.. Rob_g.. Your previously daft knee-jerk reactions and opinions at me before were at least worth replying to. Just about. I’ve tried my best to do that respectfully and I’m pretty much done with those daft arguments as far as I can see. I don’t know why you want to keep pushing the boulder uphill with your chip but that’s apparently your choice with this behaviour… Sad…


          8. millie aka oprah

            Right. I see that trying to engage in a rational discussion with you is pointless. I neither hold a grudge nor have a problem with you (or indeed anyone else on this forum) – I find it laughable that you suggest it even. I do like to engage in discussion, where I disagree with another commenter. That is all. I don’t think the rest of your comment warrants any kind of response at all.

          9. :-Joe

            Checkmate… but whose won?

            My criticism of irrational argument ended and maybe beaten solely with the inability to have a rational argument…

            It’s some kind of alternative universe N’th-dimensional chess being played here…


          10. :-Joe

            ..Off a short pier…?

            Ok but is it safe to declare yourself out and I win by default in that last game of 5D chess… or no?
            …Or would you just prefer ot have the last word regardless…?


          11. :-Joe


            Seriously?.. Hatred, righteousness, awareness? – You may as well have quoted something from star wars… or maybe pulp fiction?..

            Your borrowed quote or religious analogy collapses just as fast as it starts. At hatred…

            How can you hate someone you have absolutely no respect for?…


          12. Rob_G

            Joe, you literally just said that while you wouldn’t be as “satisfied” as when Thatcher died, you “would not care one single smallest iota about it” – well, I hope it stays fine for you.

          13. bisted

            …fairplay Joe…at least you didn’t get your comments deleted…not all of us feel the need to wave our jackeens in support of an English PM who develops a fever…

          14. Rob_G

            Standard nihilist idiocy from dav – there is difference between waving a flag for someone, and not actively hoping that they die from unpleasant disease, leaving a gaggle of orphans.

      1. some old queen

        If Boris needs to be ventilated because of CoVid-19, he has a 50:50 chance of survival and even then, probably with lung damage- I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

          1. :-Joe

            The chloraoquine idea is dangerous bunk…
            – It has all kinds of potentially really dangerous side effects

            So are most ideas by corrupt ‘murican “big pharma” corporations and others like the recent tobacco industry claims of future cure’s just to ramp up and artificially inflate their stock price… I’d say it’s all shameful and disgusting behaviour but it’s just typical form with neo-liberal economics at this stage…

            To be fair, credit where it’s due, dumbty drumpfy has signed off on the ‘murican care act to treat all virus victums at the basic medicare cost anywhere in the country.

            Neo-liberal economic theory a.k.a pseudo capitalism is now slowly becoming a modern form of communism… State intervention in markets and healthcare for all etc. Interesting times…

            Keep boosting your immune systems with the natural healthy inexpensive medicine of fresh fruit and veg…


          2. dav

            Not so fresh when it’s rotting in the fields…

            “On Tuesday the Spanish government is expected to announce new rules aimed at addressing another issue stemming from the pandemic: A dire shortage of workers to harvest fruit and vegetables after lockdowns and border closures were ushered in around the world.

            The pandemic has left Spain – the EU’s biggest exporter of fruit and vegetables – in need of as many as 150,000 workers, the country’s agriculture minister, Luis Planas, said earlier this month.”


          3. some old queen

            As you well know V, treatment with hydroxychloroquine is being used in most European hospitals as a treatment for CoVid-19 right now . How successful it is remains to be seen.

            There is apparently quite a large research study about to be released on hydroxychloroquine and zinc as treatment for CoVid-19 apparently- so let’s reserve judgement until then eh?

            Oh one other thing- hydroxychloroquine is out of patent so anyone can make it.

          4. Nigel

            Reserved judgement is precisely what critics of Trump’s irresponsible hyping are asking for. The choices trained medical personnel faced with dying patients are forced to make and what that ignorant anus claims to have hunches about (and a small finanacial interest in) do not overlap in any universe.

          5. V

            Ah look

            the gang’s all here now

            enjoy the rest of yere afternoon lads

            btw – even if its out of patent – I don’t think the Yanks or the Paddys will be importing the stuff from Indian & Pakistanian Pharma Manufacturers
            do ye?

  3. Peter Dempsey

    2.8bn in record shopping is impressive. Price of new vinyl helps drive the figures up.

  4. some old queen

    Cameron Kyle-Sidell mentioned yesterday is interviewed by John Whyte, MD on the link below, and explains a little more about how unusual CoVid-19 is.

    He is of the opinion that it is clinically similar to the bends which divers suffer when they come up too quick- in other words, high altitude sickness.


  5. Dr.Fart

    the fragile construction industry crying already. “WORST CONSTRUCTION DIP IN 20 YEARS” .. they’ve been booming along, building offices and hotels flat to the boards every day, then they stop for 3 weeks and its cries of woes.

      1. Dr.Fart

        immediately expecting sympathy after ploughing through every bit of Dublin they could get their hands on.

        1. dav

          Those AirBnB apartments for tourists and hotel rooms for homeless families don’t build themselves..

          1. A Person

            What about the building of houses….No that’s not a crisis. Do you moan about everything? We’ll have Goo on next complaining about mobile phones causing the virus. It just goes to show that there are recognisably certifiable people on here.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            A Hole getting his knickers in a twist again. That phone comment is new to me. I’d love to know where that came from. But sure that’s A Hole I suppose – Walter Mitty.

  6. some old queen

    When I posted this on Sunday I was accused of just believing ‘some guy on YouTube’. At the time, Matthew Tye said the paper trail was all in the public domain. I see this has now (partly) been picked up by the The Sun- of all papers. No mention of the head researcher’s travel history but that would be digging quite a bit deeper I expect.

    When an individual states a bunch of verifiable facts rather than theories- ‘some guy on YouTube’ is usually correct- and he was.



    1. :-Joe

      If you don’t mind, what’s the jist of the story?
      – It’s hard to go digging further and take anything serious that comes out of a murdoch rag…


      1. some old queen

        Ok well Matthew Tye made three observations.

        1. That they were advertising for scientists to work on a dangerous virus between humans and bats a week before the virus even broke- this was easily veritable as it is, or was, on the company website- this is the main trust of The Sun story.

        2. That the head researcher nicknamed ‘bat woman’ took off to a place where bats lived and tested a village then took some back. Bats don’t reside in Wuhan which is 700km away. Not sure how that would be verified but I am pretty sure he had some sort of source for it.

        3, That one of her research team has had their online presence erased which is very strange as scientists of PhD level tend to always have a bio available. He then speculates that this person is patient zero. It’s the Chinese Communist Party you are dealing with here so- who knows.

  7. newsjustin

    It didn’t make the papers last night, happened at 1am Irish time, but George Cardinal Pell has had criminal charges against him quashed and thrown out by the Australian High Court. He has spent over 400 days in jail accused (and until today convicted) of sexual abuse of a minor. The decision has declared him not guilty and he is acquited.

    Broadsheet may want to follow up on previous posts https://www.broadsheet.ie/2019/02/26/pell-and-damnation-2/ etc.


    Unanimous verdict of 7 High Court judges.

    1. V

      Well then
      Just shows how far the reach of the Vatican goes
      7 HC Judges no less

      Even when the man’s own lawyer said he was guilty

      It anyone ever thought it was impossible for that crowd that call themselves the Catholic Church could sink any lower
      I’m sorry to have to say

      They’ve only gone and done it

      I wouldn’t be gloating if I were you Justine
      Ye might be sorry yet for appealing this one

      1. newsjustin

        “Even when the man’s own lawyer said he was guilty.”

        He didn’t. If you were actually following case, and read the details, you’d know that he didn’t. What you’re referring to is the technical argument around sentencing once a verdict of guilty was delivered. A verdict found to be wholly unsafe and overturned unanimously by 7 High Court judges.

        Miscarriages of justice are bad news for everyone, and no one should be glad of them.

        1. V

          Ah get over yerself

          As if that man deserves anything as decent as the justice you describe

          May he get a dodgy omelette, and develop an unmerciful dose of salmonella
          Faint with the retching
          Split his head on the toilet bowl
          Slide into his own runny sugar that rhymes with git
          Develope sepsis
          And gangrene

          And because of COVID-19 there’s no bed available
          And because he thought he was going to end his days in a prison cell he prepared a DNR

          Now That’s the justice he deserves

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