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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson taken to intensive care (BBC)


25 thoughts on “In London

  1. Formerly Known As

    Ain’t karma a bitch! I hope he recovers. I think he will have a new respect for the NHS and for pandemics. Raab is hardly going to improve things.

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    He’ll be a very lucky man if he scrapes thru this. Wonder how he feels about shaking hands now…. Don’t wish ill on the fellah, but yeah, karma….

  3. V

    The last thing the lad needs now is to be reminded of his own hubris

    I thought he looked fierce shook there in Sunday in the door of No. 10, and totally expected him to be shifted

    I think he’s sick enough as it is
    And now with Dominic Raab in his job
    The lad must be really suffering
    So he doesn’t need the likes of me rubbing it in to make him feel any worse

    I hope for all his children he comes out the other side

    Although I’d rather worry about our own El Charger

      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        St Thomas’ hospital, London is an NHS hospital.

        Why some people are celebrating anyone being moved to an ICU anywhere is beyond me.

        1. Tinytim

          To clarify – it was a genuine question; someone casually mentioned to me that he was actually receiving private care ( or ‘royal’ care )

          I don’t wish ill on him, or anyone*

          (*My house has been burgled twice this year; those responsible can suffer from something as yet undiagnosed by science)

  4. Clampers Outside

    Once a patient is admitted to ICU in the UK with coronavirus their chances are 50/50

    “Some context as UK PM Boris Johnson is admitted to intensive care:

    A new report from @ICNARC found that of 690 UK covid patients admitted to ICU with a reported final outcome, 50% died and 50% lived

    1. Rob_G

      Presumably a lot of the people admitted to the ICU with Corona are very old or with an underlying condition, so I’m not sure that his odds are all that bad.

      1. scottser

        he’s in his 50s, is overweight and drinks a lot by all accounts. 50/50 might be about right i’d say.

    2. Ringsend Incinerator

      I think you will find his chances are better than 50/50 … the casualty rate is definitely skewed towards the older, sicker generations. He has yet to reach a need for a ventilator, so hopefully he will be OK.

  5. Matt Pilates

    You know you don’t have to like someone’s politics or professional life to be able to empathize with their situation?

    1. Harry Robertson

      Hope he recovers. Might not agree with his politics or policies, but I wouldn’t wish the man ill. At end of the day it could be any of us in that position. Some strange backhanded comments on here from some.

  6. scottser

    while i don’t wish the man any specific harm, i certainly wish him the same consideration he offers the UK’s most vulnerable and needy.
    which isn’t much.

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