Do You Think I’d Crumble?


Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 this morning

This morning.



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10 thoughts on “Do You Think I’d Crumble?

  1. Skeptik

    They’re called introverts. Self isolation is a walk in the park for us. No pun intended.

    1. Clampers Outside

      I hear ya, and I believe it to be true, but introverts and extroverts can experience trauma.

      I believe what she is getting at is that those who have had experience of trauma have an advantage. 

      That is those who have had a healthy recovery from trauma are more resilient, stoic even, to what ills life can throw at them, such as that which may come with the act of self isolation, and the opportunity, wanted or not, for self examination (even for extroverts who’ve experienced trauma). 

      There is a resilience, an “anti-fragile” growth in self determination – a polar opposite of victimhood – that can be found in the self through the process of good trauma recovery.

      It is this renewed resilience that may “in general” make isolation more manageable for those who have experienced trauma.

      That’s just my tuppence, “in general” from my own experiences and contact with others who’ve experienced traumatic periods in their own lives. 

  2. Kate

    There will be people suffering so much grief at loss of their child that they actually don’t care if they get the virus… fact welcome it. This is fact.

  3. millie aka oprah

    I’ve been told only to leave the house for exercise while lockdown/restrictions are in place.

    It’s not the worst. Having a small child makes it mixed blessing, perhaps. Catching up on my tbr pile quickly though.

    I miss being able to go to the shop more than I miss going out for coffee with my friends or a drink with himself. Which is a sad state of affairs altogether.

  4. H

    As a counsellor I find the statement quite interesting but I would like to see some empirical evidence to back it up.

    I saw a headline of an article this morning about anxiety sufferers finding that there symptoms have reduced during this crisis, there may be some connection with that too.

  5. Joe Small

    I’m bemused by watching my neighbour, a lad about town if ever there was one, stay at home with his kids the past few weeks. He’s climbing the walls and clearly struggling with the new reality. His wife, on the other hand, was on maternity leave and pretty used to the banal everyday of raising kids and being stuck at home.

    If you want another generalisation, women are, I’d guess, coping better than men.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      some of the stay at home mum’s I know are finding having Dad staying at home the source extra headache

    2. Lilly

      One of my friends said he is thoroughly enjoying spending time with his wife and kids at home.

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