Will We Rise Again On The Third Day?


Health Minister Simon Harris speaking to journalists outside government buildings. merrion this morning


This afternoon.

Breakingnews.ie reports:

Restrictions on movement will not be lifted on Easter Sunday.

While the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) have yet to make a formal recommendation to extend the measures, the Health Minister says its highly unlikely they will be relaxed.

NPHET is meeting today to discuss restrictions but will not make a final call until Friday.

‘We know they are working’: Harris says ‘highly unlikely’ restrictions will be lifted on Sunday (Breakingnews.ie)

Pic: Gavan Reilly


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8 thoughts on “Will We Rise Again On The Third Day?

  1. millie vanilly strikes again

    Seems very foolish to even attempt it. We’re planning a quiet one, which is something we’ve often wished for in the past and never actually managed. So, every cloud etc.

    Though because of restrictions, I haven’t seen my mother and father in weeks, and I’d actually have loved to see them, which is a funny twist of fate.

    Mind you, at this rate I’d be surprised to even get an Easter egg.

    1. Holden

      I’ll post you one if you want Millie. What type are ye? Malteaser? Twirl? Curly Wurly?

      1. millie aka oprah

        Ah jaysus Holden, you’re an aul dote. I’ve an awful goo for Galaxy easter eggs, so I do.

        All right: what’s your egg of choice?

  2. GiggidyGoo

    We need to keep the lockdown on for many months. Also we need to monitor other countries and start making tests on arrivals so that we don’t end up importing it again.

    1. V

      Ah would ya stop

      While I reckon only the Leaving Certs will be back at school, in adapted classrooms etc
      We’ll be out of full lock-down by the May Bank Holiday

      and even the current 2Km and essential workers only stuff – could be gone by this day week

      1. Zaccone

        +1 to V

        All of the statistics show under 40s are not vulnerable to this. It makes no sense to quarantine half the population when they’re not at risk.

        Over the next 2-3 weeks we’ll see a gradual easing up of restrictions across Europe, moving to just a full quarantine for those actually at risk – over 60s and people with underlying health conditions.

  3. Marbe

    Am I right in thinking that when the restrictions are lifted the virus will still be out there waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting ‘vunerable’. My grand-children will mix freely with their friends, (as they should) my children will go about their normal lives (as they should). Will they then visit the vunerables and in the generous innocence of a hug pass the virus on to us. Am I to put a cross on my door indicating ‘you are not welcome’. Are the people in China who are not dying from Coronovirus now dying from a really bad flu or a really bad pheumonia?

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