Back To Life, Back To Reality


Restrictions are being slowly lifted across Europe

This morning.

Tis lifting.

Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz has become the first European leader to provide specific dates for the end of lockdown measures.

He said the aim was to let smaller shops re-open as soon as April 14, with larger ones and shopping malls opening on May 1 if all goes well.

In Spain, which after Italy has seen the highest number of deaths in Europe, Prime minister Pedro Sanchez has said that some economic restrictions could be lifted after Easter.

European countries to follow Italy with plans to lift coronavirus lockdown in days with schools and shops reopening (The Sun)

Graph via The Sun



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4 thoughts on “Back To Life, Back To Reality

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      no runningbetween 10 and 7, because guess what now everyone is a runner but tiny apartment living without lovely terraces and parks is pretty much unbearable

      1. Matt Pilates

        Parc Monceau not open? They’ll just run around the block if closed. Popular spot.

  1. rolo

    If they start relaxing the shutdown considering the latest figures it is a bit soon
    And my question is why the hell did we even go down this path that has slowed down the spread at the expense of the economy if only to reverse it all now
    There should be no relaxing until the end of may depending on great improvements

    And if people cannot live with themselves maybe they should look at the way they live their lives

    This was never going to be easy but we must all keep our resolve up

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