Where Has All The Flour Gone?


Tesco, Cabra, Dublin 7 this morning

Apart from the coconut variety.

Liam Knuj writez:

“Still nothing but coconut flour in the shops. Might have to start making coconut bread. How bad can it be?”


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7 thoughts on “Where Has All The Flour Gone?

  1. Paulus

    Great title; I’ll piggyback on it and say it brings me back to the days of flour power.

      1. spud

        yep, kids at home and many people spending some mindful time baking / making bread etc…

        The supply chain that existed for domestic flour usage couldn’t ramp up in time to support the massive increase in demand.
        They’re unlikely to invest heavily in improving it now as it’s likely to fall off over the coming months.

  2. V

    Try one of the Polish Supermarkets Liam

    You’ll, if you’re like me anyway, need a translator app

    But definitely the Polish Supermarket on Walkinstown Ave (in the same park as the Lidl) has the best home baker range in Dublin South Central
    And the widest range of *Flours

    Also – another tip, the best value liquors and Snapps if you’re into the fancier bakes
    like Kirch, Lemonchello etc

    *looking for a decent recipe to test out for potato flour btw

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      Tip: Try Asian markets. Lots of good stuff there. Usually boomer-free too.

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