14 thoughts on “We Can Beat Them

    1. f_lawless

      Spare a thought too for the undrawn postman of whom I often catch a morning glimpse through my bedroom curtains (also undrawn) .

  1. Gokkers

    When I see people putting their latex gloves on before entering a supermarket etc I always think ‘get a f*#@ing grip’ on the base and stretch out your fingers for proper seating of the glove.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      The vinyl ones are annoying, though, as any moisture on your hand makes them stick :-)
      Of course, those are the only kind I can get at the moment :-(

      What amuses me most about these pics is it is like in fantasy adventure films where the men have full armour, and the women have lighter armour, but often do the most difficult quests.

  2. Some old queen

    Bored broadcast in local supermarket

    Would the assistant trainee manger HaArris please report to isle three- with a mop.

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