Probable Cause


 Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health Dr. Tony Holohan (left) and Deputy Chief Medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn at a briefing in the Department of Health, Dublin last night

The Department of Health has said in addition to the 687 people diagnosed with Covid-19 who have died and where there have been laboratory confirmed tests, there are also a further 77 ‘probable‘ Covid-19 deaths.

Details are now being provided of probable cases, where a clinician has determined a death as probably related to Covid-19….

Yesterday, health officials reported 77 deaths from Covid-19, the highest number declared on a single day during the emergency here.

Figures show that these deaths occurred over an extended period.

Many of them were in recent days, but in some in cases the deaths went back to around the beginning of April.


Further 77 ‘probable’ Covid-19 deaths – Dept of Health (RTÉ)


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5 thoughts on “Probable Cause

  1. paul

    They really need to be extra clear, I’m talking Junior Infant level comprehension, when deaths are occurring and not just being reported. People might see ’77’ and jump not knowing exactly what it means.

  2. Cian

    It is coincidence that there are 77 deaths reported yesterday which “occurred over an extended period” AND ” a further 77 ‘probable‘ Covid-19 deaths”

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