Spit And Polish


Early graduation at Templemore last month (left); a spit hood

Last night

The Policing Authority published an interim report on policing performance during the COVID19 crisis.

The authority identified two key oversight issues…

New recruits:

The attestation of recruits, who had not yet completed their training and their deployment to assist in the current crisis is a matter of concern for the Authority, while the Commissioner’s reasons for doing so are well understood. .

The Authority welcomed the assurances from the Commissioner that the trainees concerned will return to complete their full training and pass out from the college when the current
crisis eases

There was a similar welcome for the Commissioner’s confirmation that the
trainees are assigned as ‘assisting members’ with limited powers in their own right,

Spit hoods:

While recognising the harm that may be caused to members of the Garda Síochána and members of the public by spitting, given the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, it is with some considerable reluctance that the Authority views the introduction of this new device.

The Authority has specifically requested a number of clarifications from the Commissioner on their use. For example, concerns arise that while the procedure stated that the use of anti-spit hoods is not permitted on children under 12 years of age, it is silent on their use on children aged 12 and over.

It is the Authority’s clear view that the document should make explicit provision in respect of the circumstances that would warrant their use on children, or categories of children, within the group aged between 12 and 18…

Full report here

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10 thoughts on “Spit And Polish

    1. scottser

      kid spits.
      ‘how old are you?’
      kid runs away
      ‘i’m guessing you’re over 12. hang on there till i put this hood on. now which way around is it again? come back here ya little hoor’

      i’m guessing cian was born a responsible adult of 18 years old.

      1. Cian

        huh? I was an irresponsible child.

        But I can guarantee that I never spat at a Garda (either as a child or an adult).

  1. Finnster

    What would be the use of a spit hood, after the spitter has spat? It looks medieval. Would you have to wrestle with the spitter to get that yoke onto their head?

    1. paul

      I was out walking the baby last weekend when I spotted two boys cough at an older man, I’ve never seen someone of that age range (grey hair, 60-70?) move so quickly, first ‘out of range’ of the cough and then back in to push the kid through a hedge. The subsequent shouting woke the baby but it was worth it.

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