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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Boy Harris has lost any credibility he may garnered with some of the public. He is now a laughing stock.

    Now we find that Proper Charlie Flanagan moved infected asylum seekers from Dublin to Kerry despite the HSEs advice against it.

    And what is the other boy Varadkar up to? Photo shoots, with various entourages in tow.

    Still no sign of Mickey Martin with something ex-t-ra-ord-in-ar-y to declare.

      1. Charlie

        Ain’t that the truth. Haters be hatin. They want it every way. Harris made a boo boo but he’s still doing his job to the best of his ability and making the right moves. I’ve never been a fan of the guy but fair play.

        1. well-known username replaced by alias (for the last time please)

          A boo boo? Proving that he has absolutely no understanding of what this virus is gets classed as a boo boo? Are you rooty tootkins?

          1. baz

            Amazing, everything I post here goes through censorship as I’m on the ‘naughty list’ for my thoughts and ideas yet use of the R word as above is cool with Broadsheet?

          2. SOQ

            Criminal negligence by Harris against people in nursing homes and reckless endangerment of their staff is making the right moves now is it?

            A backlog in testing which could have been completely avoided with proper strategic planning maybe?

            How about hoards of fruit pickers roaming around the streets of North Dublin when they are supposed to be in isolation?

          3. Charlie

            Indeed. Ye know what I don’t understand? How in he name of god is he not driving around the place sorting these simple problems out by himself in his spare time. Disgraceful!

          4. SOQ

            A supermarket manager may not pack the shelves but they are responsible for the shelves being packed- It’s called MANAGEMENT.

          5. Charlie

            That has to be the worst analogy I’ve ever seen here. Congratulations! You’re the winner!

          6. SOQ

            OK so here is another one- instructing those nursing homes to reverse their lock downs and not providing adequate PPE to staff was the equivalent of walking into them blindfolded with a loaded machine gun.


          7. Charlie

            Naah. Too drama queenish. Come back when you’ve calmed down and started thinking rationally.

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Spinners be spinnin’ Charlie.
          ‘still doing his job to the best of his ability…’ you say.
          And there’s the problem. Lack of ability.

          Can you tell me what you think the qualifications should be for a boy like Harris to be made Health Minister?

          1. :-Joe

            He should have the respected experience from the health system as a whole or at the very least , have taken the hippocratic oath as a frontline healthcare professional…

            Oh, wait… der leodar took the oath and look at where that has got us….
            – A quasi, pr-spun, wannabe hiberno-tory, neo-liberal economic, globaliseed middle-managment Oirish form of psychadelic facism…

            – Off the top of my head, maybe just try something, even anything else, I suppose?…


          2. :-Joe

            Narrow-minded binary-polemic thinking and reducing everything to an “us vs them” narraitve is naive and just plain boring and almost depressing to listen to…

            Hypothetically, it’s like listening to a neatherdal banging rocks together and claiming fire is the best and only source of heat and warmth.

            The idea that everything that is against the will of F-f/g must be SF, which is of course is bad… Is the ignorant, foolish and coerced propaganda controlled thinking that sustains and drives the problems by the establishment in healthcare and housing and democracy as a whole.

            The toxic F-f/g propaganda generating nonsense machine is living rent free in your head…


    1. :-Joe

      +100%.. The inevitable and expected array of random cock-up’s slowly being laid bare…

      All as a result of having unqualified, inexperienced, unproven, amateur middle managment policies and practices in key areas of government instead of real expertise and leadership and even just a basic sense of responsibility and care for the public good.

      How about another election asap, so maybe we can eventually and finally get any sort of basic but real democracy for all?..


      1. Cian

        “All as a result of having unqualified, inexperienced, unproven, amateur middle managment policies and practices in key areas of government instead of real expertise and leadership and even just a basic sense of responsibility and care for the public good.”

        Are you advocating a French/US-style government? Where the people vote for the president, and the president can hire **anyone** (presumably qualified, experienced, proven, professionals) as the Ministers?

        1. :-Joe

          Eh.. In a word, nope.. but your comment was fun to read as you ran away with that personal idea.

          ‘Murica a.k.a the us, is currently a corporate run oligarchy and originally was never intended to be a democracy in the first place.

          France is easily a better system than ‘murica but that’s not hard or it’s by much and basically it’s the same as britain and to a much lesser extent, Oi’rland but essentially it is at the centre of the problems of the eu, mostly economic and also the same problems in the west as a whole.

          I’d prefer proportional representation with proper regulation, more accountablity and the shared leadership approach similar to what they have in Switzerland to reduce the pyramid top-down winner takes all incentives and populism and the cult of an individual personality in politics.

          Instead, voters would be engaged with open-minded discussions based on the facts and real choices instead of dealing with an overwhelming majority of lies, manipulation and greed…

          I believe in diminishing the poopy and nonsense to a minimum and maintaining a reasonable balance which we don’t have at the moment either in Ireland or accross the EU.

          Most of the problems boil down to economics and greed.

          So, having better representation and regulation and less chance of populism as a minimum foundation of democracy is not a lot to ask or hope for and would be a good start.

          Off the top of my head anyway.


          1. Rob_G

            I think of all the political systems in Europe, Switzerland’s is the one that lends itself most to populism – they held (and passed) a referendum banning the construction of minarets, even though none had been built for many years.

            “Instead, voters would be engaged with open-minded discussions based on the facts and real choices instead of dealing with an overwhelming majority of lies, manipulation and greed…”

            That certainly sounds nice, but how would go about implementing this in practice?

          2. :-Joe

            Oh dear.. not again.. read what I actually said, I used the word “similar” to not exactly the same as Switzerland.

            One case does not prove everything or anything completely and obviously Switzerland is not the same as Ireland in many ways.

            Always having to refute statements I have not made with you, nevermind arguing against a strawman.. It’s just tedious to have to correct your impulse urges to try to prove me wrong with badly thought out arguments.

            Anyway, If any changes were to be implemented, changes to the law and the constitution would be the best way.forward unless of course corruption was so bad there was no other choice and there was an overwhelming demand for a revolution. Always an intersting story to look back in history on….


          3. Cian

            Wait you said earlier that the current system is “a result of unqualified, inexperienced, unproven, amateur middle management policies and practices in key areas of government instead of real expertise and leadership” but you want to replace this with “shared leadership approach” where “voters would be engaged with open-minded discussions based on the facts and real choices”.

            But the voters are, en mass, “unqualified, inexperienced, unproven, and amateur”.

          4. Rob_G

            That’s a great response for when someone asks you to elaborate on your woolly, nebulous ideas – good man.

          5. :-Joe

            Shared leadership meaning the government avoids the populist cult of the single individual leader approach by rotating a public facing representative who just communicates important announcements deals with the day to day functions of parliament, public meetings and appearences with other leaders etc. etc. etc.

            In other words, the public and the politicians are on the same page and nobody needs or cares about pr-spun fantasy and lies, all the failings of the media and the usual political trickery because we’ve all agreed to do away with as much as possible of it in the first place…

            If we can get to that point of a stronger political system and a basic functioning democracy.

            Think about how Iceland dealt with the corrupt bankers and the crash or threats of austerity…

            The voters are not all unqualified for leadership they are mostly unqualified for the corrupted charade run by greedy middle managers like F-f/g for higher echelons of averice that we commonly refer to as our Irish political system.


        2. :-Joe

          I have to add..

          Seriously, Cian… Only a complete ignoramus, a psychopath or a total eejit would advocate that any single individual should have complete autonomy of power over a population and can hire and fire whoever they want…

          I believe there are already a lot of words to define that spectrum of a potential political scenario…and all end up in human rights disasters.


          1. Cian

            So now you are suggesting that the French and US founders were “ignoramus/ psychopaths or a total eejits”?

          2. :-Joe

            Nope.. but in many ways they were, especially if you put them up against todays standards but that’s another argument.

            Neither founders intended a democracy in the first place.

            Sometimes powerful people tell less powerful people that they should aspire to do things they don’t actually believe in, let alone believing you doing it is a good thing by themselves.

            It’s the 21st century, let’s try and have a healthy and strong proper basic functional representative democracy.. No?..


  2. Gabby

    Daily Star as usual loves telling readers about people who get their kit off. Social spacing essential.

  3. SOQ

    Older people to be allowed out sez Indo.

    There is no law over and above what limits travel for the rest of us preventing older people from going about their business now- there really are some people getting off on this whole authoritarian thing.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Yeah I noticed that. usual Indo bull. Plus they post an image of two Gardai ‘checking’ the trains. Did you ever hear the like? Trying to prepare us for the normalization of a Police State.

          1. Rob_G

            A unit of the FG Thought Police has been sent to the location of your IP address; please calmly await transfer to the BlueShirt ReEducation Facility™ in Monaghan.

          2. SOQ

            I was there once Rob, or maybe it was the mushroom farm?

            Same thing either ways, keep em in the dark and feed them poo.

          3. Rob_G

            One of FG’s points in their programme for government is to put up a big polytunnel and turn Monaghan into a giant mushroom farm

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